The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 8: Create School, Create School Bullying

The Master of Ragnarok Episode 8

I don’t know if I’m impressed or annoyed that they managed to shove a school bullying subplot into a harem isekai story, but either way, this episode is mostly down time with a few minor plot points sprinkled through to ensure you can’t just skip it.

The Master of Ragnarok Episode 8

Let’s start with the actual plot. Felicia’s brother who was rejected as the patriarch of the Wolf Clan isn’t exactly giving up his revenge and we start and end the episode with him. Admittedly, the first scene seems to be recap and fan-service, but they do throw in the point that Felicia was the one who summoned Yuuto to this world and I don’t recall if we were supposed to already know that bit of information. They also remind us that Yuuto reacted strangely to the magic thrown around last week. The final sequence is a bit more ominous with the Church/Empire guy approaching the older brother and seemingly orchestrating an alliance between the Panther Clan and the Lightning Clan to bring down the Wolf Clan. Given both Panther and Lightning gave Yuuto trouble on their own, it seems a little worrying if those two get together (then again, with the egos of the leaders involved I’m not sure cooperation is really in their nature).

The Master of Ragnarok Episode 8

However, that is all for plot. The rest of the episode is filled with comments about it being cold to justify making a kotatsu, checking in on Yuuto’s whole school idea and realising that making a school makes for school drama, and lastly Yuuto making gifts for some of the harem because apparently their birthdays are coming up. it isn’t exactly riveting viewing nor is it terrible. It just kind of is and then the episode fortunately ends on a more plot driven note.


I will point out that Yuuto thoroughly deserved getting slapped in this scene.

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7 thoughts on “The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 8: Create School, Create School Bullying

    1. Every time people say they are going to combat bullying in schools I kind of wonder where kids will get their education from once all the schools are gone.

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