The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 7: They Finally Explain


It’s taken seven episodes, but they finally tell us how Yuuto becoming the Patriarch of the Wolf Clan came about, and it wasn’t exactly universally accepted. It might have been nice to have had more build up to this, but we get a reasonably  decent episode out of it.

The Master of Ragnarok Episode 7

Like everything else in this series, the back story is explained fairly basically, it is kind of full of holes because the details are incredibly thin, and it leads to pretty predictable results, but there’s still something kind of interesting about it. This week we finally see how Yuuto became the Patriarch and we also see the reaction of the guy who thought he was going to become the Patriarch (Felicia’s brother just for some added fun). He takes it well; assuming drawing a sword and trying to kill Yuuto is your idea of taking it well, and the former Patriarch ends up dying.

Skip back to the present time and we see that there is a new clan making moves and they are using iron tipped arrows and cavalry (seems someone learned a thing or two from Yuuto). Turns out older brother’s particular skill is copying technology (and Yuuto thinks he’s cheating). Short on time, Yuuto now needs to figure out a new strategy to deal with the new threat.


And with the exception of the girls’ outfits, there’s no fan service in sight as this episode actually spends almost the whole run time on actual plot and character. Now if only the plot and characters had any depth we might even say this was approaching decent.

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