The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 5: To Catch A Tiger


The fight against the lightning guy (and I’m not even going to pretend I can spell his name) goes according to Yuuto’s plan and while it is fun enough to watch, don’t expect much in the way of surprises given Yuuto’s strategy is fairly apparent.

Master of Ragnarok Episode 5

I’m not going into any specifics about what happens during the confrontation between the Wolf and Lightning clan, though I will happily say that at least they didn’t stretch this out longer then needed. While Yuuto’s assumption at the end that the Lightning Clan Leader is dead is proved false, it was fairly obvious that character wasn’t bowing out of the show just yet so that was hardly a spoiler.

Again we see the Wolf Clan succeeding through group work, using technology and strategy to overcome a weakness in numbers and sheer battle strength. No one member of the clan works to be above the others and all of them are happy to play their part in the conflict and assist where needed. It’s a nice army that is slowly conquering the world Yuuto is currently living in (or time).

The Master of Ragnarok - Episode 5

We do still get a phone call to the present and this episode also gives us a brief glimpse of what Yuuto was like prior to becoming the patriarch, but neither of these points is made to be overly significant here so it seems we’ll continue to wait for the story of how and why Yuuto ended up where he is. I’m not entire sure it matters given I’m quite enjoying the fact that we skipped over all the boring introductory stuff Yuuto would have gone through on first arrival.

This Master of Ragnarok remains a fairly average anime in all regards. It works well enough and hasn’t done anything grievously wrong, but nor has it done anything terribly exciting.

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