The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 3: Everyone Wants to Be In The Wolf’s Fan Club


Whether they are his own clan, members of a conquered clan, potential rival clans, or anyone else, everyone in this show is fixated on the young patriarch of the wolf clan and I have to wonder if he is really worth all this attention.

He likes him, right up until he’ll try and kill him later in the show.

This week Yuto is joining in the celebration for the Horn clan having not been wiped out last week before returning to his own clan and generally being nice (he bought slaves to give them jobs, he totally must be nice). As is fairly standard in this type of show every character who meets him ends up either in love with him, infatuated by him, or at least intrigued with the idea of playing with him, and so everything revolves around him. On the bright side, at least he occasionally demonstrates aspects of a personality.


They also continue to keep a lot hidden about how he ended up where he is, how the communication with the modern world actually works, and how he even rose to the position he’s in. I don’t mind being in the dark about a lot of this given watching the initial dealing with a ‘new world’ setting has been done to death and seeing it already in motion is kind of more fun, except that the characters keep referencing events meaning we’re either getting a flashback or an exposition dump in the future and neither is all that appealing.


With a support cast that remain completely hollow outside of their affection for a protagonist who is good enough but nothing really noteworthy, this anime is falling very much in the middle for its genre being neither horrendously offensive nor particularly good. The conflicts between the clans might end up being interesting, or it may all just remain background as Yuto builds up his harem. This week he nearly added twins to the mix so we’ll see what happens next time.

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