The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 12: Um… What Just Happened?


The Master of Ragnarok has been a fairly average to poor series throughout but it could have ended reasonably. Instead we get this, episode 12. An episode so inept it plunges what should have been an average watch into something that just cannot be recommended unless you really want to watch the hot spring episode.


While I’ll save a lot of my issues with this anime for the series review, episode 12 does a great job of showing why there just isn’t any reason to watch this show for the actual plot. Last week Yuuto got sent back to the future and this episode spends the majority of its time with Yuuto and Mitsuki reuniting, shopping and flower viewing. It is really riveting viewing. Like seriously, who cares about the Wolf Clan and the war going on or any of the other characters when there’s shirt shopping to watch? (Oh, I should probably reign in the sarcasm a little.)

The few glimpses we get of Felicia and the other characters shows them all kind of freaking out because Yuuto is gone and both the Lightning Clan and Panther Clan are marching upon them. It is a pretty dire situation and one which could be a great dramatic conclusion.


Then Yuuto gets summoned back. And Mitsuki goes with him. As his wife, because he proposed. Then there’s a parade. The end.


So the war with Lightning guy and the older brother who went crazy went where? And all the people who died when the Wolf Clan lost the fort? And just what was that?


It was like this was actually a forty minute episode but someone just slashed the middle out of it and said, ‘done’. What it makes for is a really unsatisfying mangled mess of a season ending and to be honest it actually just made me mad that I’d watched this show. It didn’t need a brilliant ending, but it could have at least remembered its own plot.

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12 thoughts on “The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Episode 12: Um… What Just Happened?

  1. So true. And the proposal seemed to be so bizarre too. It was as if he was mad at her for wanting to come with him, so mad in fact that proposing was the only thing left to do. It made as much sense as leaving out the final battle.

    1. I still have no idea why you would leave out the final battle. Or even really address the fact that you held it off-screen. It was really weird.

      1. Yeah. Baffling! There really wasn’t a lot of cohesiveness with the show. Some really interesting ideas, but nothing more. It’s a shame because those ideas could have made an average storyline shine. This, unfortunately, was not an average storyline.

        1. Agreed. That’s why I watched the whole season because I just kept hoping it would do something with its ideas because some of it was interesting. Tragically it really didn’t.

  2. Apparently, the Light Novels continue the story, and things actually get slightly better, but from what I’ve looked into, they condensed SO many things that they’ve probably gutted whatever insane story they were trying to do.

  3. As I said in my own look at this series, this is by far the worst one of the year. This is almost everything wrong with the Harem genre, and we all owe a big fucking apology to Isekai Smartphone

    1. I liked Isekai Smartphone for what it was. This on the other hand has very little to recommend it. It still might have managed average if it had at least ended competently but wow this final episode really just puts the final nail in the coffin for this anime.

  4. Oh. Good. I wasn’t the only one who thought that. Yeah. The complete lack of actual resolution was direly irritating. And that’s to say nothing of him and Mitsuki decided to just head back to the past, possibly never to see any of their present-day loved ones again. All presumably without telling anyone, so now they’ve just worried god knows how many people to death. Had it been a situation where they could freely travel back and forth, then whatever. But that’s a level of selfishness and such that’s pretty damnable and not nearly as sweet as I think they thought it was.

    1. They definitely needed to show us Mitsuki saying goodbye to people or at least writing them a farewell to at least kind of make that passable. But given everything else wrong with this episode I so didn’t even care about the idiocy of disappearing without saying goodbye. It was more just one more thing that was totally aggravating about this final episode.

  5. Lol…sorry but if there is just one thing I love it’s sarcasm, and I really had to laugh at the thing you wrote about the shopping being more important. Like…yeah! Lol.
    Okay….I shouldn’t be laughing because really it’s sad that a show really seems to have done a great effort in just pretty much destroying it’s own plotlines. And well, this ending really does seem dreadful. Best to forget about this one fast.

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