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This was one of those details I kind of overlooked when I first started thinking about putting together an ebook of my posts from last year. Mid-way through the process I was asked to provide a marketing image for the shop that would essentially be the cover of the book. Given pretty much all the images on my site belong to people who are not me and the material is used for review purposes, clearly they were out of the question which left me wondering what images I could or should use. I must admit, I was fairly happy with the result even if it was a bit more of a rush job than I would normally like.

In the end, I turned to my folder of photos from Japan. Those who follow me on Facebook will know I started trying to upload a photo a day from my trips to Japan and mostly that was because while looking for images to use on the cover of the book I remembered just how fun travelling around Japan was and how cool some of the things I’d seen had been. I will admit though, I’m pretty rubbish at keeping the photo a day schedule going on Facebook and I keep forgetting. But when I remember it is great fun to think about what I was doing when I took the photo and think about how much I’d love to go back to Japan.

Anyway, the final image uses a red background (the same colour red as the hair of my avatar) with three other images laid over it with varying levels of transparency and colour removal. Basically I played with it until I liked what it looked liked.

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So with that as the background I just needed the title and the site’s logo/header and then I had a cover image. I think next year I’m going to need to remember that a cover is a part of a book just a little sooner so that I can really think about the image. However, this actually worked out reasonably well and I don’t mind how it ended up looking. Plus, I had a reason to revisit all of those photos from Japan that had just been sitting on a hard-drive for quite a number of years now.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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16 thoughts on “The Making of a Cover – Personal Post

  1. It didn’t look like some last-minute thing. Great job! I have been a bit worried about making covers for all my fiction projects, so you’re not alone in worrying about making sure they look good.

      1. One of my friends made a cover for a fantasy story, but I’ve been making the rest of them. Funny you ask because after reading an article from an author blogger that I follow, I found out about a site called You can create book covers and other things with some royalty-free templates and paid ones, posters, logos, and tons of other design projects. I just started using that site and I was shocked how professional everything was and how easy it was for someone with a very minimal design background.

          1. You’re welcome. I thought it would help since I can see Canva being a huge asset already if you want to write another book or doing any kind of graphic designing. Also, there’s a free Canva app.

  2. That is so cool. I did wonder where that image came from. But now I know. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing…oh and in case you are wondering…your book is awesome. I’m making slow progress (but that’s not because I don’t like it…but because I have so very little time currently). But I am really enjoying it. I try to read at least one chapter or one anime a day, so far I have been able to do that. I hope your book is selling well, because it’s been really worth the purchase 😊😊

    1. Thanks Raistlin, I appreciate it. Sales are not great, though I wasn’t expecting all that many. It is more something for people that do want to support the blog but aren’t really able to commit to an ongoing cost like patreon. Plus, it was a great reflection for me on what I wrote last year and has helped me refocus on what I want to do this year.

      1. Hmm…sorry to hear that. As I promised…I will be doing a review for your book after I have finished it, so maybe it will help a bit. But you should definitely feel very proud of this book. It’s an amazing achievement to have pulled off, and a truly great book for discovering some awesome, or less awesome (lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)Anime.

        1. That makes me feel real happy to hear that.
          I actually did a tally after I put this together of series I recommended against ones I didn’t recommend (after a friend and harassed proof reader pointed out I was possibly being overly critical) and it turns out that the series are almost evenly split between ones I recommend and ones I don’t.

          1. Well..that definitely sounds like a real balanced book then, and as I said I have had a blast reading it so far. So, no worries. It’s well worth the purchase and the read😊

  3. It doesn’t look like a last minute job though Karandi-san!
    Did you make it by yourself?

    Oh, the background of your blog is nice, wonder how it would look on a cover?

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