The Lost Village Series Review

As I side note to the review, I just hit my 200th post. Kind of feels sad that it is The Lost Village review.


30 people try to escape their lives by taking a tour on a bus to Nanaki village. However, the village is not what it seems and they soon find themselves trapped and unable to leave. Then lots of weird things happen.

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I’m probably going to get some criticism for this but I kind of like The Lost Village. I know I’ve been really critical of it as a series (and rightfully so, there’s a lot wrong with it) and I even had it on the close to dropped part of my list for almost the whole season, but on watching it second time straight through, there is actually something about this series.


I’m really not sure what it is. The first few episodes I found quite amusing even as the mystery kind of fizzled and I quickly lost hope for any real tension or drama to be found. And watching the introductions a second time, they are even more poorly written than the first time. throughout the entire series listening to the character conversation is like reading someone’s twitter feed without putting any of the comments into context. And while that can be amusing, it doesn’t make for a great story or compelling viewing.

That’s the real problem.

There are moments of genuine amusement in this series and they are surrounded by inept character developments, plot twists that feel like they are drawn out of a hat, and ultimately a mystery  that feels like even the writers gave up and just said ‘solved’.

Cheesy psycho-babble abounds in the final few episodes as the characters come to the totally amazing revelation that they are not the only people in the world who have gone through hard times. Amazing! Even other people have problems. Wow! Who would have thought? I know that given the nature of the tour, it was inevitable that a lot of self-involved characters with little perception of reality would gather, but could all of the characters on the bus really be that clueless?

And even the characters in the show can’t stand the other characters. They are irritating human beings. At no point does it look like the tour could have succeeded even if the village wasn’t some mythical whatsit with Nanaki running around (and who named them Nanaki in the first place).

I’m not going to recommend this anime. Reading my week to week thoughts would clearly tell you why. It isn’t a good story and it is full of flaws. I probably won’t ever watch it again either. But, I did get some enjoyment out of it and while it was close to dropped and I wondered why I was watching it, I never did drop this show.

Though, we really could have done with the hippopotamus song coming back at the end. If this was the writer’s idea of adding some sort of closure then I am very concerned.

Two further points:

  1. Why didn’t Love-pon get executed? That scene alone would have made this whole anime worth watching.
  2. Do we assume all the characters who left the village remain excessively cheerful forever or are they just on the road to more psychological scars?

9 thoughts on “The Lost Village Series Review

  1. I skimmed to the end (for now) as I’m writing my own Review of this, with that said I did see your last two points. If Love-pon got executed, I would have called this show Best of Season, hand down, even if it was just some “after credits” kind of scene. Firing squad, guillotine, hanging, anything. Extra points if it were this formal affair with the entire cast watching in approval. Executioner? Jack. Perfect.

    Also, congratulations on 200!

    1. Look forward to checking out your review. And yeah, an after the credits Love-pon execution works. If anyone out there is actually skilled at parodies, this is what we want to see.

  2. Congrats on your 200th post!!!. Looking in hindsight the series is riddled with flaws. The way the characters were handled weren’t the best either. Good question the series certainly did end rather abruptly. It was in a rush, just like how the bus sped off in the last scene. Good review!!.

    1. Thanks.
      I think that was the most disappointing thing about the series was that after all the flaws and all the aggravation, the ending just kind of leaves us without actual resolution.

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