The Lost Village Episode 8


As we suspected, Masaki told us nothing. Well, she told us a sad tale about her cousin that was full of holes and the mob swayed to and fro about whether she was lying or telling the truth using increasingly flimsy arguments to sway each other. Then the bus driver swooped in to kidnap her and then we all broke into small groups to plot our next move. You can’t accuse The Lost Village of having nothing happen but you could state that nothing of substance is happening. We end in the same place we started. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else and they still have no idea what the village is, why they can’t leave or how to defeat the monster.

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5 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode 8

  1. This episode made me realize I hate this show, as the majority of the cast are half-wits. Though, given the situation they’re in I can’t really blame them. I’ll continue watching to see how it turns out for sure, all the while face palming at every turn.

    Granted my suspicion us that, to leave you have to forget you’re past (It’s called the Forgotten Village, for mire than one reason perhaps), or at the very least accept it and move on. It’s basiaclly forced therapy, we’ll see.

      1. Well there is at the very least one. The one being Nanko. Anyone else that’s tolerable are so, because they’re not jumping to (stupid) conclusions easily such as Lion, and maybe Valkana. Which is funny because I found myself disliking Valkana in the beginning, and now I find myself liking him thanks to him not being as much as a moron as the majority of the cast. Now on the opposite side of things is Speedstar who I thought wouldn’t be a moron but has quite frankly proven himself to be a huge idiot indeed. Here’s hoping Love-pon get’s executed for some comical, I mean cruel irony.

        1. I still really like Valkana. He’s such an overbearing jerk. But you’re right about Nanko. She hasn’t done anything too stupid yet. And Speedstar’s insanity burst really came out of nowhere. I keep wondering if I missed some foreshadowing but given everything else, I’m thinking probably not.

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