The Lost Village Episode 7

You probably don’t need an overview this late in the season but if you do, you can read a brief overview on this earlier review.


An improvement on episode 6, this episode gets back into the group hysteria and quick back-and-forth dialogue. More is revealed of Mitsumune’s past and we even get a vaguely touching moment between him and Masaki. Fear and hysteria aside, the audience should really be questioning the decision making paradigm being employed on this tour. Also, Hayato/Speedstar, who until now had been one of the more level-headed and sensible of the group, decides he’s going to join the crazies in this episode. The Lost Village is not good, but it is still amusing and this episode has some good pacing and leaves you wanting more.

The Lost Village is available on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode 7

  1. On a psychological level it’s interesting. As you get to see a small sample of society and what they will do to obtain “utopia”. On a objective standpoint – you have a fair point, it’s not that good. Too many characters, doing too little. And lovepon is just a nut job – how she is walking around freely whilst “Jack” was shoved in to a cell for an attack is beyond me.

    1. Yeah, but the show has demonstrated so many different examples of sexism already, why not include it in their justice system. Job division, leadership roles, selection of guards and even direct character statements about women not being as useful in some situations. As a direct result, Lovepon will have to actually murder someone before any of the group take her as a serious threat.

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