The Lost Village – Episode 6


A group of random individuals take a bus tour hoping to start a new life in a village only things don’t go as planned. Unable to leave the village and with mysterious events unfolding the characters are faced with more than they bargained for on this tour.


The humorous dialogue from previous episodes is seemingly discarded in this mash of flash backs and monster attacks. While very little makes any kind of sense I kind of gave up on expecting it to and instead have just been enjoying the amusement of this show. The shift in tone and pace this week was a nice diversion but it won’t be enough to sustain the rest of the series. The Lost Village needs to find itself quickly if it is going to become more than just an oddity from the Spring line-up.

6 thoughts on “The Lost Village – Episode 6

  1. Yes, I’m just hoping it goes somewhere. It really feels like we’re leading up to a ‘and they’re all actually dead’ moment and that would be a pretty dreadful way to end. Thanks for the comment.

    1. That’d be an awful way to end the show for sure, I never even thought of that. I think they’ll find a way out but you can bet some of them are going to die. I think there is a decent mystery behind Misaki, I hope this show resolves well because I think it could get really dumb fast with everything it’s trying to build up!

      Like what if they all died on the bus and this is some kind of after life? Who knows what’ll happen.

  2. This episode was kinda weird, some of the flashbacks like Nyanata’s seemed a little silly. Are those really just the most evil high school girls ever? Also wouldn’t someone see them bringing her under a bridge? It was broad daylight. The train guy’s was okay but the silicone thing also seemed silly to me. Lovepon’s was fine. I still am enjoying the show myself but you’re right, it is a bit of an oddity eh. Well it’s now the halfway point and it’s been fun so we’ll see where it goes I guess.

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