The Lost Village Episode 12


The end.

They brought the unlucky hippopotamus song back.

It’s really hard to review this. Compared to every other episode, it was neither good nor bad. Characters did things and talked about their psychological scars and even made jokes about whether someone was trying to be a therapist. Then they made choices (which seemed fairly uninformed and mostly random). Then the episode ended.

I guess if you stuck with this series this long this is a resolution, so yay!

That and someone finally called Mitsumune stupid. Double yay!

I’ll review the whole series in a little bit.

In the meantime, The Lost Village is available on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode 12

  1. I actually enjoyed love-pon screaming it was just hilarious. And yeah finally Mikage called Mitsumune stupid. In a way this will be missed as it was entertaining. The mystery wasn’t handled really well. And I keep referring it to lost. Turns out it is like lost, as some left and some stayed on the island.

  2. Part of me wishes I stuck with the series, as a sort of masochistic endurance test, but I dropped it after the first episode. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing all that much, haha.

    1. It wasn’t quite that bad but dropping it early was probably the right call. A few episodes in and you pass a point of no return. The mystery is lame and makes no sense but it is enough of a mystery to keep you watching.

      1. Fair enough. I don’t think I’ll be returning to it. I do like to revisit some of the shows I’ve dropped over the years, because sometimes your opinion can change.

        1. For me personally, I’m not sure why I stuck with the show, or even why I enjoyed it. It wasn’t bad, wasn’t good, and overall it felt lacking. It’s definitely a show that is hit-or-miss, so take your time coming into it. 🙂

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