The Lost Village Episode 11


With one episode left to go this series pulled out all the stops and let the characters run around like crazy. We’ve had theories, announcements, hints, and declarations flying all over the place and while the mystery of Nanaki village is now kind of explained (or you can at least come to your own conclusions from the various bits of information) it just doesn’t matter anymore. The only real question of interest left is who will get to leave the village and who won’t and watching the final confrontations take place.

The problem with this series is that it feels like it was built by kids in a sandpit who just kept piling more sand on top. Yes, we ended up with a tower of sand but it doesn’t really have any defined shape and a lot of it keeps falling down. Which doesn’t make for an enticing mystery.

That said, this episode was pretty enjoyable even if the overall story is still disappointing.

The Lost Village is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode 11

    1. I don’t think consistency is what they are going for but that also means it isn’t a particularly compelling mystery, horror, thriller, or even character piece, which means all we have left is a slight oddity where the real question is ‘Will anyone remember this show in a seasons time?’

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