The Lost Village Episode 10

A day late, but here we go.



That is kind of the sum total of my thoughts for this episode. To elaborate further, Mitsumune has apparently actually made it back to the real world (though it kind of seems like this is going to be proven false eventually) and his dad is all happy he’s home but happy for him to go do whatever vague and non-specific thing he feels he needs to do. We learn that Nanaki is not the name of the village but the name of the thing kind of haunting everyone and we learn that overcoming it may not be as rewarding as it first sounds. We also get to watch the vast majority of the cast all but pass out (did the animators just get sick of bothering drawing all 30 of them at every discussion?).

This episode kind of felt like it wanted to progress the plot but it is so tangled that mostly all it did was reveal that no one really has a clue what is happening or why and nothing thus far has been of any real consequence.

Other stuff happened (including an introduction to God which was as underwhelming after the truth was revealed as everything else in this show) but I’ve already blown my 100 words so enough.

The Lost Village is available on Crunchyroll.

If anyone has actually figured out the point, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “The Lost Village Episode 10

  1. Apparently the village brings about the physical manifestation of your biggest emotional scar. Once you start to heal and move on from it, you lose yourself…. in other words your scars have to remind you, to stay true to yourself (that’s what I got) or something like that.

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