The Laughing Salesman Episode 8



The first part this week focussed on a man plagued by nightmares. It may just be me, but I felt Moguro’s salespitch was a little weaker this week. Either that or the character just too readily agreed. Regardless, it just felt like that phase of the episode was a little rushed.

Nothing suspicious about that bottle at all.

Anyway, the end of this first story was kind of brutal and while I expected it to go badly (given every other story has), I wasn’t actually prepared for them to take it that far and so while it isn’t in anyway gruesome, it kind of caught me off guard. You expect an ending like that when watching a horror but this show usually has more karmic consequences.


The second story was pretty straight forward and while you did feel kind of sorry for the taxi driver, like so many of the earlier characters, he readily got off on the power trip given to him and leapt to his own demise. No one to blame but himself really as Moguro didn’t really appear to push him into anything in this instance.

This show continues to be perfectly enjoyable to indulge in on a weekly basis. Each new story brings a new character and new possible ways to see them fall. I wonder if anyone will ever outwit Moguro and actually get away without a consequence?

The Laughing Salesman is avialable on Crunchyroll.

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