The Laughing Salesman Episode 7



The past couple of episodes have been interesting but have made me seriously question Moguro’s purpose and methods and the first part of episode 7 merely continues that. Moguro is outright turned down by his target and so he steals his bag and runs into a bar forcing the man to follow and that is when he essentially forces a deal upon him.


This seems needlessly malicious given how many people jump to take advantage of Moguro’s shady offers and it definitely feels like this show is making it clear that the Salesman is not acting for any kind of higher moral purpose.

The second part however decides to return to the theme of having people get what they deserve when a housewife makes a really unreasonable request that her neighbour get every thing she wants.


Anyone who was not totally disengaged could probably have seen how that one was going to end up and sure enough the episode delivers a satisfying conclusion.

These stories continue to be interesting and while some of the ‘customers’ do not deserve the pain being heaped upon them, it doesn’t take away the overall amusement and entertainment of watching these accidents waiting to happen. You know the end will be bad it is just a matter of how they get there.

The Laughing Salesman is available on Crunchyroll.

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