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Given Moguro is the only recurring character in this series, figuring him out has become kind of my main goal each week. Originally it seemed pretty straight forward that he was finding people who thought they were lacking something, giving it to them, and then pulling a be careful what you wish for manoeuvre. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that many of these characters don’t actually deserve any of what happens to them.


The first story this week featured the wannabe actor, and yes he did want to be an actor but he made no promise with Moguro, didn’t become a horrible person when tasting a tiny bit of success, and generally was a nice guy. That didn’t stop Moguro from literally turning him into a monster in what was probably the most unfair consequence this who has served up yet.


While the second guy had a little less self-control and was probably already headed for the usual consequences faced by someone who can’t align their schedule with societies, he also didn’t really deserve any particular supernatural consequence (and I question whether the girlfriend’s choice was hers or one inspired by Moguro which opens up a whole other discussion).

So, no closer to actually figuring out Moguro unless he really is just a sadist, but then why target the earlier characters who were already relatively unhappy.

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2 thoughts on “The Laughing Salesman Episode 6

  1. I have been following your posts on this anime and they have been making me slightly more and more curious to try this out. Do you know if this is gonna be a short series by any chance? My biggest concern would be that the premise could start to feel too repetitive.

    1. There’s definitely a bit of repetition involved. Still, as the story doesn’t seem to continue, there’s no reason why you can’t try an episode or two and then let it go.

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