The Laughing Salesman Episode 11



If you’ve made it this far through the series you already know the formula that this show is going to follow. Our first contestant this week is a salaryman with self-destructive tendencies. Even after being shown the error of his ways, he still pursues a touch of danger and so Mogruo, being the helpful soul he always is, let’s him have exactly what he is after.


Then we meet the ultimate idol stage mum who is essentially forcing her dream on her daughter despite the daughter not being all that interested.


This second story worried me a bit because it seemed at first that the one who was going to end up hurt would be the daughter but we got another twist and as usual, Moguro’s customer (victim) is the one who faces the consequences.

Another week and another two hearts filled, though I’m starting to think the hole in their heart is being filled with sheer terror of sales people at this point. Good fun but pretty predictable.

The Laughing Salesman is available on Crunchyroll.

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3 thoughts on “The Laughing Salesman Episode 11

    1. You might get bored. It is fairly repetitive. That said, it is a nice break from the usual sorts of anime and at least it isn’t confusing.

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