The Important Qualities Of An Adventurous Leader

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Endro Episode 2 Review

As I watch four pastel girls go through the motions of a pyjama party discussing their favourite monsters and what they like about them (though they keep the actual subject hidden for a little bit to make it a punch line) I had to wonder what the appeal of this kind of show was. I get that there are plenty of fans of slice of life and cute girl shows but honestly this scene was actually less fascinating than watching my cat pursue a lizard across the floor of my study (I rescued the lizard, came back and watched the scene again).

Endro Episode 2 Seiran
I’m sure my cat would try.

That doesn’t for a minute make Endro actually a bad show. I can’t really compare it with all that many other cute girl or slice of life shows because normally I don’t really stick with them, but this anime functions just fine, each scene moves along, each character plays their role, it looks good enough and it intersperses action or physical comedy in amongst the talkier scenes to break things up a bit. Everything works but the vast majority of the content doesn’t actually appeal to me as an audience. Still, if I had the choice of watching this episode again or episode 2 of Grimms Notes I’d choose this one in a heart beat. This anime is actually functional as a narrative.

Now there were actually two parts of this episode that did interest me and will keep me watching despite this being well outside of my interest area so far. The first was the leadership decision. Mao, in another insidious plan (provided you find six year olds insidious) to break up the heroes’ party so that they won’t defeat the demon lord in the future declares that each team needs to choose a leader. The girls in the heroes’ party all assumed they were the leader and are shocked to find out they aren’t.

Endro Episode 2 Leader

Here I will give the show some credit. Instead of petty squabbling or attempts to bring other members of the team down, the girls diplomatically choose the mascot character as the leader (truly cute). When that idea gets shot down they each take a turn at being leader and fail abysmally. Because, as the girls realise, they all bring something to the party. Whether it is strength, brains, weirdness, or sheer luck, each of them has their own important qualities that are needed in a leader. The end result, they are all the leader. It’s a cute and novel solution and this was actually the part of the episode I ended up most engaged by.

The other part of the episode that actually made me think this might go somewhere interesting at some point, was that the Demon Lord realises that if things continue they’ll end up repeating the same actions as last time and the heroes will turn back time again and they’ll be stuck in a loop. One problem with this is the sequence the Demon Lord recalls with the girls casting the spell isn’t the same as what we saw in episode 1 so not sure why the discrepancy there. However, this show surprised me yet again by having Mao simply decide she won’t become the Demon Lord and instead she’ll just take it easy.

Endro Episode 2 Mao

Did the villain just take herself out of the picture? Does that mean her petty plots are done?

Endro isn’t really my kind of show and yet I’m still kind of glad Cactus Matt suggested I watch it because there’s been some interesting moments in amongst the fluffy nonsense moments that aren’t my speed. While this might not end up going anywhere with these ideas given it is listed as a slice of life, I can’t deny that some of the ideas are interesting.

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10 thoughts on “The Important Qualities Of An Adventurous Leader

  1. I’m not sure I’ll agree yet that the first version was just a dream and the second real, but they are clearly being remembered by different people (Hero and Demon Lord), so they might both be how each actually remembers the event. As a cop, I gotta tell you: get 3 eyewitnesses and you get 3 completely different statements, every time!

  2. I expected this show to be complete trash based off the PVs but I found myself loving in pretty much instantly. I love the girls’ personalities (including Mao) and how they interact with each other. It fits my sense of humor well, I suppose. It’s also just very relaxing to watch compared to some other stuff I have for the reason – it’s a nice change of pace.

    1. for the season*, not “reason”. Gah. Anyway… I’ll also add that I’m sad there isn’t more slice of life this season.

  3. “One problem with this is the sequence the Demon Lord recalls with the girls casting the spell isn’t the same as what we saw in episode 1 so not sure why the discrepancy there.”

    Yuuna’s memories in Ep1, Mao’s in Ep2?

    1. Not even her memories. It was technically a dream, IIRC. It showed that bit then she woke up. In the waking world they don’t even seem aware that they went back in time. Mao seems to be the only one that knows… So her dream is a false memory of the events. Mao’s version is clearly the correct one.

  4. I knew it’d be a risk recommending this show to you but I also knew there was something ~different~ about this show that might make it a worthwhile “experiment” for you to watch it. Here’s hoping it continues to provide things to interest you!

    1. I’m kind of enjoying having something different on the list. My watch list this season is certainly varied and that’s making for an enjoyable week or working my way through episodes.

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