The Grim Reaper and an Argent Cavalier Manga Progress Update

the grim reaper

My first impressions of this manga can be found here.

The Grim Reaper4

Thoughts – Some Spoilers:

I’ve made it to chapter 21 (so mid-way through volume 5) and the story continues to be pretty interesting. Cyan continues to be my favourite character, though the others are definitely growing on me the more we learn. There’s conspiracy a plenty in this story and I’m kind of keen to see how it all kind of resolves.

The Grim Reaper5.JPG

But back to Cyan, who after being caught in a magic spell almost ate a human soul and while he hasn’t lost his humanity he is most definitely losing his memories and breaking down. It didn’t help that right before that incident he was told fairly bluntly that the girl he’s been trying to protect is in fact going to die fairly soon because her soul was weakened way back at the start of the story. Still, when Cyan was asked about his parents and he’d pretty much forgotten everything about them that was pretty devastating.

I don’t know when I’m going to have time to go back and finish reading this but I definitely intend to. The story has been really fun so far (though not really anything too unexpected showing up) and there’s certainly enough going on to make for an interesting conclusion if they manage to bring it all together.

Thanks for reading.

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