The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 8



I find it interesting that my first thought after watching this episode was how much better this show was at telegraphing the end of the episode than Granblue Fantasy. I really shouldn’t compare the two shows given they are entirely different but my biggest criticism of Granblue this week was how heavy handed and repetitive their set up was whereas I’m now going to praise The Eccentric Family for how well it delivered us to the episode ending.


Yasaburo was definitely asking for it this week after delivering the declaration that he doesn’t have a single weakness. The audience automatically knows that somewhere down the line we’re going to find something that undoes his transformation and this show doesn’t make us wait too long as the reveal comes at the end of the episode. Admittedly, if you read the episode title you’ll pretty much trigger right at that point what is going to happen, but that’s another story.

We then get some flirting/threatening between Nidaime and Benten (seriously love these two together on screen as they have great chemistry and you never know if they are going to try to kill each other or if they are actually attracted to one another).  In case the theme of love and relationships isn’t being hammered home enough by this one we then get Yaichirou having dinner with Yasaburo and telling him that he should reinstate his engagement with Kaisei that was called off by his uncle. Yasaburo being Yasaburo declines and shoves his foot firmly down his throat and after a further confrontation with Yajirou (who essentially tells him to grow up), Yasaburo heads off to the mountains.


Where we get the much anticipated confrontation with Kaisei. It’s wonderfully done and brings a lot of points together and also explains Kaisei’s fairly peculiar behaviour in the series to date.

Honestly, I just really enjoy the way this story unfolds and weaves back on itself and continues to reveal more about the characters even while the plot just kind of exists. Normally that lack of forward progress would bother me but it kind of feels like the point of this given Yasaburo is pretty determined not to have a plan and just react to things as they occur.

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