The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 7



This episode was really fantastic to watch though I must admit that ending took a direction I wasn’t expecting. Previously, with the exception of the father who had died prior to the beginning of the first season, regardless of what silly situations the characters had gotten into, you never really expected anyone to take lasting harm in this show. They all just kind of drift along.


But that isn’t quite right. This show has always had its darker streak because it is very much about life and its ups and downs. In case we had forgotten that in some of the sillines, this episode finishes on a note that makes it quite clear.


Yasaburo’s actions this episode were the same as always. Going with the flow and jumping in unexpectedly with half-formed plans making things up as he went. For once, however, he really did bite off more than he could chew. It is hard to know what he did want. His relationship with his uncle was never particularly good and last episode the uncle, who was in fact responsible for the death of Yasaburo’s father, kicked Yasaburo into a painting of hell. This episode that same uncle was trying to strangle Yasaburo and even then, I don’t think Yasaburo actually wished him real harm.


That’s kind of what I love about this show. These characters feel real in that they are whimsical and full of inconsistencies. They have desires but sometimes even they aren’t clear on what they are trying to achieve. They respond to the events around them but sometimes not in the best manner. It doesn’t make for a particularly strong narrative, but they are amusing to watch even when we get these more tragic moments.

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