The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 5



Given how the previous year’s festival went I was really surprised that the Tanuki decided to continue with this festival but it ended about as well as expected. Still, that’s jumping ahead because the episode starts where the previous one left off with Gyokuaran having been sucked into the Shogi board.


While this might have been a minor diversion in the long run it leads to some interesting interactions and conversations and fills in some of the gaps in the family history and their relationship with Akadama that has always been a little vague and yet is a significant cornerstone of a lot of the story.


Still, it was definitely the festival itself and the showdown between Benten and Nidaime that stole the screen this episode. On a side note, I learned that his name isn’t actually Nidaime but rather that is some kind of title and one that Akadama instructed Yasaburo not to use. Which took us, of course, to the interesting discussion of what Yasaburo should call him, and so I was thinking ‘name reveal’ and yet instead we get an unveiled insult and we move on leaving us without really knowing what to think.

I am loving this continuation as it really is delving deeper into the relationships in this world and the interactions between the groups. While there still isn’t a central narrative all of these fragments are interesting in their own way and they are all tied to the family at the centre so it looks like it will come together nicely as season 1 did.

The Eccentric Family is available on Crunchyroll.

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