The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 4



This is another of those rambling episodes where lots happens but it is difficult to know what if anything will be important later (though someone those final few minutes must be because I did not see that twist to the final game of shogi).

Benten and Nadaime have a brief moment following on from their confrontation last episode but then we move on to the more mundane event of Tanuki Shogi (weird to use the word mundane for that but it still fits in the context of this show).


Of course, this seems to be the episode for women using guilt to manipulate Yasaburo. First his elder brother’s maybe love interest uses Yaichiro and his hard work to guilt Yasaburo into turning up to the tournament at all (although given the outcome it might have been better if she hadn’t). Then Yasaburo’s mother hits him with some guilt, first bribing him with food and then making him feel bad that he was partially responsible for how the tournament ended.


It was nice to see Yaichiro get some more characterisation than just being the overly proud big brother and this episode moves quickly and is pretty amusing even while it deepens our understanding of the family dynamics at work here. All and all, a fairly good episode.

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