The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 2



It’s weird in that this episode felt incredibly slow paced at times and yet when thinking back it covered a lot of content. We had the non-duel between the tengu, where  Akadama was only spared falling completely to the ground because Yasaburo caught him. Nidaime’s only conclusion, other than general contempt for Akadama, was that Tanuki’s really are foolish and you can’t really argue with that after watching most of season 1.


Then Yashirou visits Yasaburo carrying Kaisei with him and we get a discussion about the cancelled engagement. This is before Yasaburo is sent to talk to a guy who has apparently set up a ramen shop somewhere he isn’t supposed to. It was nice seeing Yasaburon put on the back foot in this situation but all of these events have occurred in the first part of the episode.


The second part sees Yasaburo encounter the guy again at a dinner with the professor from last season (the one who likes Tanuki) and some artist, and then Yasaburo does some digging around about the new guy’s past. You would think Yasaburo was concerned about a new power in town, but to be honest he’s never that concerned about anything. He’s just ticked because he came off second best at tricking someone and that hurts his pride as a tanuki (he has a weird sense of pride but it is definitely there).

Anyway, I still love The Eccentric Family and this season is doing a great job of setting up a whole bunch of plot threads again and hopefully they can all come together as they did in season 1. My biggest issue with this episode was that it felt like things were moving slowly and yet they threw a lot at us to try and process.

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