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The Eccentric Family followed Yasaburo in his daily life as a Tanuki trying to live an entertaining life (even while dealing with Tanuki and Tengu politics and trying not to get eaten). Season 2 picks up with Yasaburo still doing much the same though he seems to be finding all new troubles to stick his nose into.


With this you either watched the first season and loved it so a second season was really appealing or you’ve never heard of it and season 2 is offering you no reason to jump on board. It’s a risky move all things considered that they don’t bother providing any kind of real lead in for new viewers considering that the first season was fairly obscure (despite being great fun to watch).


Despite that, these characters have all continued on after the events of season 1. The older brother is still determined to become a leader, the second brother is still being a frog in the well (though I guess technically he isn’t stuck that way and is now choosing that lifestyle), Yasaburo still talks himself in and out of trouble as he interacts with everyone and sticks his nose into trouble unnecessarily, and the youngest brother is still a bit of a wimp. Benten seems to be absent for the time, which is a shame given I loved her in season 1, but the introduction of Nidaime could be fun because so far he’s proving to be fairly entertaining to watch interact with Yasaburo.

No central story has really emerged yet, but that isn’t really a surprise. Though season 1 had a basic plot with the Tanuki election upcoming, a lot of what happened really had very little to do with that. Hopefully this season can be as fun as the first.

The Eccentric Family Season 2 is available on Crunchyroll.

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5 thoughts on “The Eccentric Family Season 2 Episode 1

  1. I’ve been wanting to watch the first season. This anime did come as a surprise to me as I never heard of this anime beforehand but it’s in my list of anime to try out.

  2. I was a bit interested in this but it seems there’s no place to legally stream the first season as an Australian viewer at present and I haven’t watched it in the past. Inexplicably, Crunchyroll only has the second season. It seems a bit daunting to jump into a series which assumes that you already know the characters.

    1. Yeah you really can’t jump into this second season without some knowledge of the characters. While episode 1 gives some intros, it really assumes prior knowledge.
      I’ll be honest, I watched season 1 in bits and pieces on YouTube.

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