The Eccentric Family 2 Episode 6



I don’t know how the Nidaime fits in yet but I do know that if we wanted to start seeing some of the plot threads of this fairly meandering show come together, episode 6 was a good turning point.

Yasaburo visits the professor who is trying to interfere with the Friday Club and defend Tanuki’s from getting added to a hot pot but the club members have started a nasty rumour about him at the university. All this leads to Yasaburo visiting a hot spring where the Friday Club are meant to be meeting and we have an encounter with Yasaburo’s uncle who hasn’t really been seen since the last season when he tried to hand over Yasaburo’s older brother to be turned into a hot pot.

His uncle hasn’t improved given he’s now trying to join the Friday Club and kicks his nephew into a painting of hell.


So with a lot of these returning characters and ideas from season 1, as well as Yasaburo’s ongoing complicated relationship with Benten, this episode felt like things were starting to come together and get a bit more serious. Or at least as serious as this show ever takes itself as Yasaburo mostly found his short trip to hell kind of weird rather than particularly gruelling. Very fun episode and I look forward to where we go next.

The Eccentric Family is available on Crunchyroll.

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