The Change of Seasons Welcome a Changing Wind

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Run With The Wind Episode 12 Review

Run With The Wind continues to be surprisingly compelling despite being a show about ten guys running around in circles. Okay, I’m not into watching marathons or track. What continues to sell this story are the characters and the way their progress is being handled. While not as overt emotional development as we are seeing in Tsurune, Run With The Wind excels at small moments and small triumphs. While Kakeru and Haiji continue to get the lion’s share of the focus each team member is given enough smaller moments scattered throughout episodes that we don’t forget them and they all feel like they are going on this journey.

Run With The Wind Episode 12 Kakeru

After the gap between episode 11 and 12 we have a new OP and ED. I’m not sold on the OP at all but the ED is pretty great. The rest of the sound remains on point and this is one anime where the sound direction continues to need to be applauded.

Run With The Wind Episode 12 Celebration

Takashi and Yuki get a moment to shine and celebrate early in this episode and it was nice to see this small moment. They didn’t win the race but they both managed a qualifying time and it feels like a very natural development given how close both of these characters have been to this previously. I also loved that the team dynamic is still very much in tact with the twins stealing a lot of dialogue but each character having their moment. The one disappointment from this episode was the decided absence of Prince quips and his only real contribution was getting travel sick on the way to the camp.

Run With The Wind Episode 12 Twins

However, by the end of the episode all the earlier moments may fade from memory as the episode veers very much into another round of Kakeru has issues and the red-haired guy from the other school whose name I won’t ever remember is still being a jerk. It kind of leaves a sour taste as it feels like this whole plot line has lingered far too long without either being addressed or resolving and at this point I’d really like it to as almost everything else in the anime is more interesting.

Run With The Wind Episode 12

Still, Run With The Wind remains a compelling viewing experience and one that I’m still pleasantly surprised by. Looking forward to where it goes during its second cour.

6 thoughts on “The Change of Seasons Welcome a Changing Wind

  1. Me being me, I looked up the lake they went to – and found that there’s an onsen with open air baths on it’s shores. Added it to my ever growing bucket list.

  2. Yeah I don’t even find the red head guy important anymore… It seems like there is something big coming but I hope that it is worth all the small hints.

    1. It’s probably the one plot thread I’m not overly impressed with. It’s just dragged too long at this point and the red-head guy is just too childish to take seriously.

  3. I just finished catching up with this. I’m so glad I finally gave it a chance because I enjoyed it as it’s as you said — the story and characters are compelling. I love their interactions and how diverse they are. It even took Yuki lots of time before he got sold out with the idea of them competing. It just feels so human. Another thing I’m grateful for it is the fact that I discovered Taichi Mukai! The time I listened to the ED during the first episode, I fell in love with his voice! It’s so fresh for me to listen to such type of music in an anime.

    Great review as always, btw. 😊

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