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Oh yeah, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard has finally decided to just lean fully into its cheesy soap opera tendencies and frankly I think it’s the better for it. Actually, I think this is the show it should have been all along. Not that I didn’t enjoy the calm and occasionally surprisingly stirring little gem/stranger with problem of the week episodes we had in the first half, but there’s something just pleasantly goofy about the whole telenovella nature of Richard’s past and family struggles. Also, Karandi, how are you this week?

So we open up on a one month time jump and we just have to assume what Seigi’s been up to during that time. Considering he just ran up to a random guy on the street, I’m thinking he’s been bothering a whole lot of tourists. Seigi also diligently goes to water the plant, which is so him, but he leaves it in front of the store instead of bringing it home. I guess it gives him an excuse to drop by the store once in a while (I recently learned you shouldn’t water plants every day…)

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And after a month, the store is opened again but still no Richard! Instead we finally meet Richard’s mentor Salvatore. He reminds me of someone but I can’t quite place him. I want to say a character from a cartoon I use to watch in kindergarten or something. You know the one I’m talking about…right???

We don’t exactly get to know Salvatore very well but from what we do see of him, I think he’s an excellent character foil for Richard. Joyful, a little boisterous with just a touch of mischievous charm. His personality is just a perfect contrast to the calm and controlled Richard. I really hope we get to see them play off each other at some point as this personality pairing has a lot of potential in my opinion.

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Last week Karandi mentioned that she wanted Seigi to jump on a plane to London and drag Richard back after punching him in his pretty face. Karandi has very specific requests. I’m not sure about the punching part, that could still happen, but Seigi did get on a plane. Not before being encouraged to do so by Shouko who I honestly felt a little sorry for in this episode. She clearly sees that Seigi is way more into Richard and even gently spells it out and Seigi still doesn’t catch on. I was like, give it up girl, just sit back and enjoy the innuendos.


Apparently Richard is embroiled in some inheritance drama (which we already knew) and is part of a very influential family (which we also knew). Salvatore explains that it is so influential in fact that they may have been keeping tabs of Seigi as well from across the world. Dum dum DUM! And yeah, they totally have. Right at the airport Seigi is essentially accosted by Richards cousin Jeffrey. Jefferey and Richard actually grew up as brothers, with Jefferey’s older brother Henry but they’ve been estranged for four years now due to the inheritance business. Also Jeffery looks like a slightly darker and slightly melted version of Richard which I found funny!

We finally find out what the inheritance deal is and it’s even more delightfully silly (or dumb if you prefer) than I could ever have imagined. There’s this huge convoluted family history deal but the important parts are this, the great grandfather left a diamond worth 300 000 000 pounds (something like 400 million dollars) to Richard and Richard only for the completely nonsensical reason that his mother was born closest to England and Richard can only get this inheritance if he marries a proper English housewife. If he fails to meet this requirement the diamond goes to an environmental fund which sounds like a decent deal. As ridiculous as this whole set up is, it is actually a good way to explain why Richard just ran away!

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The family is putting great pressure on him to just comply get the inheritance and split the funds with everyone. However Richard is really opposed to marrying a woman for some reason. Ok, they don’t say that, I added that part in!

At this point, Jefferey is essentially using Seigi as bait to get to Richard, carting him all over London and uploading touristy pictures together to every form of social media hoping that Richard will see them and seek them out.

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At first Jefferey comes off as a despicable spoiled rich frat boy type but they actually gave him just a touch of depth. Apparently at some point Henry got sick. I’m not sure if this was before or after Richard took off. But now Henry has a photo-sensitivity disorder of some type which keeps him coped up indoors and the rest of the family has shunned him. Jefferey is the only one who remains by his brother’s side and he wants the money to help them find a cure. He thinks Richard is being selfish, especially as he could easily pay some woman for the part and divorce her right after getting the inheritance. A winning situation for all involved.

This story is ridiculous. The will makes no sense and sounds unenforceable. A lot of the clauses seem random and at this point I also don’t understand why Richard won’t just hire himself a temporary wife. That’s permitted by the will. But the very fact that I’m asking the question or doubting Richard at this point is kind of cool. And I figure Seigi must be in the same place as I am. How about you guys?

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