The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Episode 12

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We are getting through these shows! As much as I know the pain of finishing an anime series and getting that weird anime withdrawal depression. (The firstest of first world problems). There is something satisfying about ticking off another anime series as completed. Anyone else know what I mean? Is that just me? It sounds like a me thing…

I’m not going to pretend otherwise, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard ended at episode 10. These last two episodes were completely useless. I mean they weren’t offensive or anything. Like I’m not angry I watched them. But the narrative arc of the characters and the dramatic arc of the plot was over two episodes ago. They should have set them before the events in London and added them earlier in the season.

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Ok so surprise surprise, this episode dealt with Seigi’s dad. Or rather, Seigi’s biological father which isn’t always the same thing. As has happened a few times this season, there are actually some pretty good moral quandaries laid out in the episode. Of Course the series doesn’t dive too deep into it but it does still throw out some questions for the audience to chew on.

Unlike past episodes however, this time the series takes a clear stance. Instead of presenting the situation fairly neutrally and making most characters a little wrong and a little right, it presents Seigi’s birth father as a complete louse with no redeemable qualities to speak of. I’m not sure I’ve ever called anyone a louse before. I like it. I’m going to start doing that more.


I’m sure they mentioned it before but it seems Seigi’s mom was abused by Seigi’s father (they might not have mentioned that part actually), and ended up leaving him and remarrying (that’s the part I think they mentioned). As such, Seigi was raised by his stepfather and real dad. The episode really really insisted on that point however, I’m a sucker for simple gestures of fatherhood so it didn’t bother me much. Also The Case files of Jeweler Richard is a telenovela so in fact it was subtle and understated by those standards!

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I’m hoping this picture confuses some of you but of course no one who hasn’t watched the episode will read this. But just humour me and think to yourself – whoa why is there a knife there! Is someone gonna get stabbed!?! Doesn’t that fit with the whole telenovela thing?

So yeah, Seigi finds out he had a true dad all along and everyone is happy and then he has a coming of age ceremony which confused the heck out of me cause I assumed he was a graduate student in his 20s. Did Jeffery drag a minor he was not acquainted across the world without permission from his parents or guardian?

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I did find out two things this episode. First Richard’s mentor’s name was Saul not Salvatore as I had decided. I actually knew it was Saul. Not sure why I renamed him. Second, Richard is actually super good at taking things in stride. I loved the scene where Seigi announced he was quitting and Richard just told him he was going to enjoy their last day together. It was a great response. I’m gonna use it next time someone quits.

Overall, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard is simply not a great show, but it’s not a bad show either. It’s a thing that exists. I enjoyed it at first because I have a particular appreciation for small, slow pastoral type series that 99% of people find boring then started to enjoy it the same way I enjoy bad movies. I often found it unintentionally hilarious and nothing about it annoyed me particularly.

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The visuals are, well they’re sort of dull as well. The art is a bit uneven and although the character designs and certain city scapes are quite pretty, backgrounds and mob characters are plain and undetailed. The voice acting is decent but the heavily accented English will probably get on the nerves of native English speakers or at least take them out of the moment. That is not a British gentleman speaking…

If there is one aspect of the series that I think does rise above the average, it’s the directing. ‘ore specifically the framing and camera angles. I talked about it in my gallery posts but the way the camera is placed is often very calculated and in tune with the emotional resonance of the scene. It’s really rather impressive even if it’s not very flashy.

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For me, the Case Files of Jeweler Richard was a completely average series. However, and I can’t explain this logically, I always looked forward to it and generally enjoyed it.

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5 thoughts on “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Episode 12

  1. I’d agree that it was a pretty avarage series. I didn’t look forward to it, and it was pretty much always the last thing I watched – once I ran out of other things. But then I’d usually enjoy the episodes, though I’d sometimes be confused.

    I may be an aweful person, but I really do wish Dad had called Seigi’s bluff, and Seigi had stabbed him. Non-lethally, probably, because physical strength isn’t exactly Seigi’s strength (and if you don’t hit a vital organ…). Seigi then calls in order the ambulance, and the police and gives himself up to justice. Richard can pay for the lawyer.

    The show’s near the bottom of the shows I’m still watching, but then I did drop a few, and this one sruvived to end with no regrets.

    A tier list, custom made for this season, might look somewhat like this:

    Eizouken, Hanako-kun

    Haikyuu, Dorohedoro, In/Spectre, Phantasy Star Online 2, Chihayafuru, Natsunagu, Somali, Uchi Tama

    Runway, Magia Record, Orphen, Isekai Quartet, Room Camp, Bofuri, Iruma-kun, Seton Gakuen, Show By Rock,

    22/7, Budokan, Richard, Science Fell in Love, Yatogame Kansatsu Nikki

    Infinite Dendrogram, Nekopara

    Dropped: Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga, Pet, Destructive God, Interspecies Reviewers, Plunderer, Ahiru no Sora (not bad, but not good enough for 52 episodes), Hatena Illusion, Koisuru Asteroid, Breakers, Number24

    This brings me to your opening comment: I definitely know what you mean by it feeling good to tick off a show as completed. That’s why I decided to delete my MAL a couple of years ago. I dropped 10 shows this season. This number would be a lot lower, if I were still ticking off lists, because dropped just doesn’t have the same ring to it. And Richard would be near the middle rather than near the bottom of my seasonal ranking. And I’d have enjoyed the season a little less on the whole. It’s a trap, I tell you. If I’m ticking off lists, I’m watching more than is good for me.

    (Not all shows I dropped were bad. I’d probably have enjoyed Ahiru no Sora and Breakers more than Richard. I might come back to Breakers one day.)

    1. You mentioned the pit traps of anime lists and maybe I should drop mine too but I think I’m still enjoying it for now

      1. I don’t want to pursuade you, actually. We’re in different situations. You’re picking up far fewer shows per season, so dropping ongoing shows isn’t much of an issue. Also, if you’re blogging them anyway, you’re not likely to drop them midseason, list or no list.

        For me, the list never caused problems with the backcatalogue, anyway. It was a purely seasonal measure.

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