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Sorry guys, I’m afraid Karandi is still MIA for now. I know we all miss her so let’s send some good vibes her way. I wonder if she’s keeping up with The Case Files of Jeweler Richard. If not, I’ve got her covered!

As you may or may not know, the show decided to jump a couple of sharks a few episodes back and most people were not having it. Most people who aren’t me. I had a fantastic time with the nonsense of it all. But even I have to admit, the plans and schemes in this show are just so painfully convoluted it’s hard to defend.

And this week we got more of that!

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This week’s Case Files of Jeweler Richard was kind of tame and also non committal. Richard is back and he has taken over his old job as owner of l’Étranger. Seigi and Richards relationship seems to have reverted to amicable boss and employee. And it’s not like this episode is set before the events in London. Seigi recognizes a picture of the count’s mansion and he saw it for the first time last week. The show just did a reset on their relationship and is refusing to address it.

So Seigi accidentally helps out Richard’s childhood governess, by pure coincidence and in just a few seconds she gives up so many clues that she’s somehow related to Richard that even Seigi picks up on it. And he’s dense as a brick. I love Seigi.

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We soon find out that Richard has been looking for this woman all along but she refuses to see him, having harboured feelings of guilt over how they had parted when Richard was 9. We quickly learn that at that time Richard’s movie star mother had come back into the picture and was planning on reuniting with her family. Except Catherine (that’s his mom’s name) was never the motherly type and people around Richard were worried about his future.


As an aside, we never see Henry during these scenes. Is this because I said young Henry was the most attractive of the boys and now I’m being punished? You can’t blame me. The two others are babies…

Anyways, turns out that what had seemed like Chieko (I think that was the governess’ name) trying to steal a valuable necklace for her own gain was in fact a convoluted plot hatched by Catherine to avoid a reconciliation with her family and leave Richard where he could have the best childhood and education.

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I should say that at this point Richard is with his uncle because his parents are separated and his mother already has a reputation for being wilful and difficult. Why couldn’t she simply say she changed her mind about the reconciliation and leave without involving a complete stranger?… I don’t know… It makes no sense. Or just about the same amount of sense as the will did.

This episode was a bit boring to me. I didn’t dislike it I just didn’t have as much fun with it as the other ones. It does end on a cliffhanger of Seigi looking really angry at some dud who just walked up to him and claimed to be his dad. So more family drama next week… nonsense!

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4 thoughts on “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Episode 11

  1. A bit boring is what the show’s been all along for me; this episode didn’t particularly stand out here. I don’t mind co-incidences. Sure the plot makes little sense to me, but I’ve given up trying to understand the show a couple of episodes ago. I thought Richard re-uniting with Chieko was cute, but I got the impression that Chieko didn’t really have much of a life after she left the household, which sort of makes me wonder what she was going back to. If you’re in some way related to rich people, I suppose, that determines your entire life.

    I completely forgot about Seigi’s Daddy issues, and I wish the show had, too. I find Seigi supremely annoying, and somehow I don’t expect putting him at the centre of drama will make things better for me.

    1. I’m not sure what year the show is set in. It was understood that Chieko could only be a housewife n Japan so it might actually be set a few years back and people just have unexplained futuristic phones?

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