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Ok, so I don’t know when it happened but we went full queer baiting or maybe not even baiting this episode. Seigi just started assuming Richard had a past male lover and Richard got weirdly defensive about it. There was tons of talk about marriage between men for no real reason. It was hilarious guys. I had a great time

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With only two episodes to go (and I had to check to make sure this wasn’t the last one because it felt like a conclusion) I think it’s safe to say that the title “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard” is rather misleading. I think we only had 1, one and a half if you want to stretch it, episode that could qualify as an actual case file. At least in the sense any reasonable audience would understand it. The series was actually a calm slice of life that gradually morphed into a completely bonkers soap opera with BL themes. And in case you’re wondering, I like it. I liked both in fact.

I was surprised by the measured and occasionally deep episodes of the first half. It was not a particularly exciting or funny show but there was something reassuring about it. And then in just hit the gas a gleefully plunged right over the deep end. On the surface it looks like a similar show. It’s the same characters with fairly consistent personalities and motivations but it’s a completely different show. An unapologetically dopey dramedy with some winky pseudo romance and goofey plotting.

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What I’m saying is that episode 10, which saw the conclusion of Richard’s inheritance arc, also had a riddle based museum escape, visibly very sick Henry pleading for Richard’s safety in and expensive hotel room, an aborted balcony escape scene, a potential marriage between Seigi and Richard which turned into a one sided plot to destroy a priceless diamond which in turn turned out to be a fake, or a large white sapphire to be more precise, a centuries old plot to exact revenge on white supremacists (you read that right) through the most convoluted post mortem scheme ever, not one but two touching reconciliations, Seigi giving a ring to Richard and a last minute reunion. All in one episode. And more!

Episode 10 was ridiculous and if you try to hammer it into some type of reasonable plot in your mind you will probably hurt yourself. If like me you let go of all reason and just ride to goofeyness, it was a lot of fun.


I can’t really explain why but despite the completely unbelievable, borderline incomprehensible, situation they found themselves in, I thought that Richards reunion with his brothers Jefferey and Henry was rather touching. The last scenes of the three together, with Henry playing the piano and Richard bringing them all pudding to share was actually rather powerful and taken out of context could easily be mistaken for an powerfully emotional scene. As it was, the episode is a bit too silly to take any part of it that seriously but it was still a sweet and human moment that I enjoyed.

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The relationship between Richard and Seigi which was teased, tortured, insinuated parodied and just exploited to the extreme for this episode, seems to have evolved quite a bit while we weren’t looking. I my opinion this only works because both Seigi and Richard remain the same people. The act and react as we would expect of them and even though you get the feeling that something must have happened between episodes for them to be so devoted, you also get the feeling that this is the natural evolution of their interaction.

As I mentioned, I thought this was the last episode and was really baffled when I saw there were two more. Granted, just before the end credits Seigi and Richard resolve to go their separate ways but an after credits tag has Richard unexpectedly showing up at l’Étranger where Seigi is still working so I guess I could see one more episode for the happily ever after bit (although it’s unnecessary, that tag told us all we need to know. But I still don’t know what they’re going to do for 2 episodes. Maybe we’ll get two random slice of life stories again.

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Either way, I’m into it. Looking forward to next week!

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6 thoughts on “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Episode 10

  1. I’d probably have an easier time riding this out, if I didn’t find Seigi so annyoing.

    The queer baiting is so infuriating. You add in love interests for both our leads, why? Richard has never had a male lover (and he tells us in his stern voice): (a) I’m not gay, no really, I’m not! (b) You’re my first. (c) Both, but on different levels of consciousness.

    Ultimately, I find the show as annoying as Seigi. This should have been the finale. What next? Shoko is really a sentient gem?

  2. Yeah, I’d say these last two episodes definitely veered into WTF land a little bit. I liked the show for what it was, found it relaxing and chill. But then this drama stuff happened, and it felt so out of place. I don’t even know what to expect for the last two episodes. If they just go back to how things were in the first half, it’d make this whole sequence of events even more outrageous. Loved reading your thoughts, Irina! 🙂

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