The Best of Spring 2017


Finally here, the Best of Spring 2017. Here I give my favourites for the season and the result of the Spring poll that I ran. This one is great because there were over 100 votes so there was actually some tight competition for best show of the season. I will point out I accidentally left Re:Creators off the poll so almost all of the write in votes were for Re:Creators. It might have even given the top contenders a run for their money if I’d remembered to include it on the poll. Sorry about that.

My Favourite Show

This one is really hard this season because there were so many shows I enjoyed. Realistically, I should give it to My Hero Academia, but it isn’t actually finished yet, so I am holding off on that. I would love to say KADO finished as my favourite but the ending just didn’t manage to hold things together and the disappointment from that is still leaving a sour taste in my mouth. With those two shows taken out of the running, that leaves Natsume Yuujinchou Roku as my favourite show this season.


As always, season 6 delivered a relaxing and fun viewing experience. While it isn’t going to revolutionise anything it does what it does very well and the consistency in its delivery is definitely the strong point for the season where so many other shows had brilliant moments but failed to consistently deliver their story.

My Favourite Character

For this one I am going to have to go to Yasaburo from The Eccentric Family. Okay, he’s basically an idiot and a fool, but he’s one who knows how to land on his feet and he’s genuinely entertaining to watch as he stirs up trouble and then has to find his way out of it. There’s just something a bit charming about him.


Realistically though, if I had to deal with Yasaburo in real life I would find him pretty tiresome, however I enjoy watching his adventures and his loyalty to his family is commendable.

My Favourite Story

Probably contentious but I am still going to put KADO as my favourite story. Admittedly, they didn’t land the ending or take it in any of the directions they might have to make it as good as early episodes kind of promised it could be, but I really liked the set up for this story even if it didn’t go where I wanted it to. The idea was great.


Basically I liked how this story made me think and consider the world and as a direct result it is the story that occupied my thoughts the majority of my time while watching the Spring season.

My Favourite Opening Theme

This one is a bit of a tie between The Laughing Salesman and KADO. Both have really great themes that are quite striking and thematically relevant to the show.


Basically, these are the two openings I would never skip because they are just fun to listen to and visually they are interesting to watch. If you haven’t seen them, definitely check them out.

My Favourite Visuals

There were quite a number of ‘pretty’ shows during the Spring season but probably the show that I consistently liked the look of (even as the characters and plot left me underwhelmed) was Grimoire of Zero.


This was such a pretty show to watch and while I can’t help but want better internet so I could watch in better quality, even with my connection it was a really nice looking show.

Reader’s Choice – Best Anime of Spring 2017

Here it is:

Best Spring 2017

My Hero Academia snuck in the win. This was actually incredibly tight and Tsuki ga Kirei was leading the run for a lot of the vote period. After the final episode of Attack on Titan, it had a bit of a run where it caught up to both Tsuki ga Kirei and My Hero Academia, but then My Hero Academia pulled ahead of the pack.


So that’s the list for Spring 2017. I’d love to know what your favourites were and why so please leave a comment below. Also, tomorrow I’ll have the Worst of Spring 2017 poll results to share so make sure you check out the post.

Finally, Spring 2017 is done and I am ready to move fully into Summer viewing.

Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “The Best of Spring 2017

  1. Tsuki ga Kirei didn’t birth any baggage or expectations placed on it which probably helped it out. I’m unforced to speculation that the majority of ‘former(a)’ is Saekano vapid lol

  2. Wah. Tsuki ga Kirei surpassed even Shingeki no Kyojin S2? Not that I don’t understand why, as towards the end I really liked it too, but never thought it would get more votes than a popular one such as SnK.

    1. I think a lot of people, while the didn’t dislike the second season of Attack on Titan, were also just a little underwhelmed as it didn’t bring a huge amount more to the table. Tsuki ga Kirei didn’t have any baggage or expectations placed on it which probably helped it out.

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