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And the Autumn Season has come to a close bringing an end to the 2017 year in anime. While the poll for best of the year will get going tomorrow, for now it is time to reflect on the final anime season that 2017 had to offer. Starting with my picks, we’ll then look at the results of the reader poll. This was incredibly close this time with three titles changing back and forth with barely a vote in it for the entire duration of the poll.

My Favourite Show

Well, if you’ve followed my weekly season overviews you know season 2 of March Comes in Like a Lion has been on top every single week. However, it isn’t finished yet so it isn’t taking this out (though it so should by a million miles as I’m completely obsessed with it at this point). Yes, I rewatched season one and all episodes of season 2 that were out over the Christmas break and no I didn’t get around to watching Full Metal Panic for a review so, whoops.

With that one ruled out though, what took it’s place?

It came down to Land of the Lustrous and Girls’ Last Tour. I loved both shows but considering the final episodes and which one gave me a greater sense of completion and I have to give favourite show of the Autumn 2017 season to Girls’ Last Tour.


My Favourite Character

This was super, super tough as there were so many great characters this season. It finally came down to two and I have to give it to Phos from Land of the Lustrous. I didn’t much like Phos when I first met them but over the course of the series and following along with Phos’ transformation as a character, they really captured me. However, other great characters from Autumn included Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion, Chito from Girls’ Last Tour, Morioka from MMO Junkie (okay, I just loved her), and Ena from Just Because.


My Favourite Story

My favourite story was absolutely Land of the Lustrous, but for that whole slightly unfinished feeling. I still think it was the best story of the season. March and GLT are both more slice of life and drama driven than story driven. That said, I personally loved King’s Game because it is a completely terrible story delivered in a fairly terrible way. So, personal enjoyment fairly high but quality pretty low on that one.


My Favourite Opening Theme

So many great ones this season. I mean I loved the King’s Game opening as it fit the trashy feel of the show, Juni Taisen was amazing with Rapture (my favourite thing about the show), MMO Junkie was just upbeat fun as was Girls’ Last Tour. However, my favourite for the season needs to go to March Comes in Like a Lion. I loved how the opening theme really captured the progress Rei has made in his journey over the course of the first season and where he is now. And, once again it beautifully matched the visuals to the lyrics and tone. Still, this one was incredibly close this season.


My Favourite Visuals

No competition at all here. As much as March remained on point with its visuals (and is glorious as always) Land of the Lustrous was truly exceptional at showing us all what CG could do when handled well and not making our eyes bleed.


Reader’s Choice – Best Anime of Autumn 2017

Here it is:

Best of Autumn

Yep, the Ancient Magus’ Bride stole it in the last couple of days thought early on it looked like Girls’ Last Tour would take the lead before March Comes in Like a Lion managed to pull ahead. For so much of the vote these anime were within one vote of each other and the lead swapped a number of times.

Featured Image -- 39888

That of course brings us to the end of the best of Autumn 2017. Get ready to vote for best of the year with the top 3 titles from each season going head to head and that poll should be open tomorrow.

As always, I’d love to know what you thought about the season so please share your thoughts on the poll and any of the other shows in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


12 thoughts on “The Best of Autumn 2017

  1. I’m just getting around to watching the Fall shows, almost finishing up Girls’ Last Tour as well. It certainly is setting the bar high for me right out of the gate. Though I am quite interested in continuing Land of the Lustrous. Perhaps I should also give Ancient Magus Bride another shot since a lot of people like it. The first episode didn’t grab me so it fell to the wayside for me. Also I couldn’t agree more on one of the best openings of not only this season but this year being 3-Gatsu’s second season opening. That moment when he runs on water instead of being submerged by it or weighed down by the rain was powerful.

    1. It (san-gatsu’s opening) was incredibly powerful visually given the ongoing motif of water throughout the series and that is part of what I love about the show. I hope the next opening works as well because it has a lot to live up to after the first half of the second series.

  2. Ancient Magus Bride FTW! Though, I kind of think it is unfair for the show to be in if only because it is a 24 episode show. With that amount of breathing room, and budget from the start, it puts it at a unfair advantage to me.

    1. True, but we know not all anime are created equal as some have experienced staff and studios behind them and some have much larger budgets than others. Still, sometimes it is those smaller shows that manage to get people talking.

  3. I do enjoy Magus Bride but it isn’t my favorite of the season. I look forward to March and Food wars episodes every week and I’ve already gone on and on about how much I enjoyed MMO Junkie 😀

  4. Magus Bride… Was good, but not great. Since it’s two cour, I’m hoping the first was prologue and that it will truly become great in the second.

    1. I have to admit, I was hoping March or Girl’s Last Tour might overtake Magus Bride. I’ve really enjoyed The Ancient Magus’ Bride but I wouldn’t have put it up for best of the season. Still, I’m not surprised it one and it is the reader’s poll.

      1. Personally, I wouldn’t have put March or Magus on the poll, since they haven’t completed their run. But of course that’s a style thing and an individual choice, not meant as a criticism.

        1. I still think they can be chosen because in this case the poll is about the anime you enjoyed watching the most this season. Even shows that aren’t finished may have been the most enjoyable watch for the season. Now, I didn’t choose March for my favourite because it wasn’t finished but it was definitely my favourite show during the Autumn season. I think it would be different if my poll was about some sort of actual quality rather than enjoyment.

  5. Ugghhhh I so want to see March comes in a lion. Through reading your posts it sounds like such an amazing series 😊 It definitely isn’t a real big surprise to see Ancient Magus Bride win the poll. I still haven’t fully watched it, but everything up till now has been really amazing. Now let’s see what the new season is going to be bringing to us. Hopefully some great shows 😊

    1. The wonderful thing here is that March and Magus Bride are both continuing so if nothing else, next season has those two shows to keep me interested.

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