The Best and Worst Anime of Winter 2018 – Seriously Last Chance To Vote


This is the final call for votes as the poll will close tomorrow. You can choose up to three series in both the best of and worst of the season polls.

Remember, the three best shows (as voted by the readers) from each season will be used at the end of the year in the vote for best of the year (just so I don’t have to try to list every single anime in the final poll).

Here’s your chance to vote for the Best Anime of Winter 2018!

Remember, this is not for technical best animation or any other objective measure. It is just the show (or shows) you liked the most and had the most fun watching this season. So choose up to three and vote away and then remember to share.

Now for the Worst Anime of Winter 2018!

In case you are new to one of these polls, I ask that you don’t just vote for something because you hated episode 1. This is the worst show you actually sat through and watched this season. The bottom of your watch list. So the show that wins won’t be the actual worst show, it will be a show good enough to string you along, but not actually ever good to watch.

So far 155 votes is the best count for one of these polls and that was the Best of 2017. I’d love to get a larger sample size so that these polls become more reflective of the community even though I know not all of my readers are watching currently streaming anime. Please vote and then share this post. The more the merrier.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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