The Best and Worst Anime of Summer 2018 – Have Your Say

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Readers, you have chosen the best anime of Winter 2018 and the best anime of Spring 2018. You’ve also let everyone know what you felt the worst show of the Winter and Spring seasons were. Now it is time to once again stand up and be counted. From now until September 30 you can vote on the shows you feel are the best and worst of the Summer anime season.

The top three shows from the best of the season poll will go on to face off against other great titles from the year in my anime of the year poll whereas the worst shows will just kind of slink off into the sunset and be forgotten. As always, I ask that you vote only for shows you actually watched rather than a show you started and dropped or put on hold.

But as always, I am very much looking forward to finding out what people enjoyed this season, and what really missed the mark for you. And as always, the more the merrier so if you can share the post, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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Best of Summer 2018

This is not the technically most proficient show nor any other measurable criteria. This is simply the anime you enjoyed watching the most this summer. For whatever reason at all, which show did you most eagerly await the next episode of and which have you been happiest to watch week after week? You can have three picks so make them count.

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Worst of Summer 2018

Just a reminder, this is the worst show you actually watched, which means the show that gets the dubious honour of winning is still a show that you felt the need to finish even if it is somewhat lacking. Which anime did you start with high hopes (or maybe not) that ended up disappointing?

As always, I want to thank everyone who takes the time to vote and if you leave me a comment below letting me know what you picked and why that would be fantastic. But, as I mentioned above, the more the merrier, so please help me share the post so that the poll can be as reflective of the community as possible.

And look forward to the beginning of October when the poll results are announced.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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26 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Anime of Summer 2018 – Have Your Say

  1. Glad you sent the reminder yesterday as for some reason I missed this post 😊 So…voted, but only voted for one anime in the ” worst” category as I haven’t seen any of the other shows 😅😊

    1. Fair enough. I’m going to keep putting up reminders periodically between now and the 30th because I know a lot of people only visit my blog on certain days and will miss the post otherwise.

    1. There’s some really weirdly mixed results so far this season. I’m not even going to try to guess what will end up on top by the time voting is over because the votes are scattered all over the place so far.

  2. For best I went with Planet With, because from episode 6 it’s just been getting better and better. For worst, it’s a tossup between the worst of Phantom in the Twilight and Angolmois – although they’re not terrible enough to drop, there are still some frustrating aspects of them (maybe with the former more than the latter, since with the latter it’s just the filter and the occasional obvious still image to constitute an action scene).

    By the way, I saw Jojo’s part 5 in the “best” poll. Isn’t that meant to be next season…?

    1. Probably. I try to catch shows I’m not watching so rely on other lists to find out what else might be out so I miss shows that some people want to vote for and occasionally a random show that isn’t actually airing ends up on the list. Hopefully no one votes for it if they aren’t actually watching it.

  3. If I count all the returning shows, it would probably be AoT but I went with Banana Fish instead. It’s been really good every week and surprised me by how much I enjoyed it. I’m not sure what to pick for the worst since the lowest I’ve got is mediocre this time round.

    1. I’ve been pretty amazed with how good Banana Fish has been. After all the hype I wasn’t expecting much but week after week I’ve been really enjoying the episodes. I kind of wish the villains were a little more nuanced but otherwise there’s very little to complain about.
      Attack on Titan has also been a pleasant surprise this season. I really did expect to drop it this season after a few episodes but season 3 has definitely been better than I expected.

      1. Same here. Usually when an adaptation is hyped this much, I tend to brace myself for some pitfall somewhere. However, it’s been pretty steady. Ahh yeah the villains aren’t all that nuanced but considering the rest of the show, it is a small detail.
        Attack on Titan was definitely a good surprise. This political angle and conspiracies fits really well into its world and has made the show all the more interesting.

  4. Shame I can only choose three as I’m liking quite a few shows this season. So much for this being the “worst season ever”! Pfft!

    1. The shows I have liked have been very good, but I do have a very low watch list this season. It also seems from the early votes that readers are fairly divided on what was good this season. There’s no clear winner for either best or worst emerging early. Honestly, I have no idea what is going to win either poll this time around.

  5. FLCL Progressive was for certain the worst anime of the Summer. Or at the very least the most disappointing. Not sure about the best though…

    1. That’s interesting given I’m not watching FLCL Progressive but I read a post about a week (maybe two weeks) ago arguing that it was the best thing out. I still didn’t manage to watch the original FLCL so I have no personal opinion on Progressive but it is interesting seeing how different people have taken to it.

  6. Attack on Titan has been amazing. Some other ones were pretty good.

    I hate harukana… I do NOT like that sand effect, that alone made it impossible to watch.

    I ended up watching Holmes of Kyoto on a whim, and it’s formula was… satisfying… but I know it’s just a guilty pleasure and hits notes that I like lol. I was not bored with it as you were!

    1. I know that Holmes was never that bad, the plot just never seemed to go anywhere and the characters weren’t interesting to me. I’m pretty sure people who are a little more into slice of life or who just liked the characters more than I did will find it reasonably enjoyable, but it definitely wasn’t what I was after.

  7. Being a trans woman, there is a special type of disgust I hold for Back Street Girls. It’s intended as a comedy yet it’s one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.

  8. You missed Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou, I mean not that it effects me it wont be a contender for best or worst for me, but you never know it might be someone’s…

    1. No matter how carefully I check I always seem to miss something. Thanks for the heads-up. Maybe if someone really wants to vote for it they can just comment and I’ll count?

      1. That’s probably for the best, so few people are watching it because it’s not on any streaming service in the West so it’s not going to end up on either list anyway.

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