The Best and Worst Anime of Spring 2018 – Have Your Say


It’s that time of the anime season again when we’re all more or less sure what we liked from the season and what we regret not dropping from our lists. From now until the 30th of June you can vote for your favourite, and least favourite, anime of the season.

You can choose up to three series in both the best of and worst of the season polls.

Remember, the three best shows (as voted by the readers) from each season will be used at the end of the year in the vote for best of the year. They’ll go up against the best of the Winter Season (A Place Further Than the Universe, March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2, and The Ancient Magus’ Bride) as voted by the readers, as well as whatever wins for best of Summer and Autumn later this year.

So be sure to vote for the best of the season and then share the post.

Remember, this is not for technical best animation or any other objective measure. It is just the show (or shows) you liked the most and had the most fun watching this season. So choose up to three and vote away and then remember to share.

Over to the worst of the season.

As always, this is an anime you actually watched this season but really should have dropped. The story is either completely broken, the characters are flat, or the animation has suffered critical failure. This is not just an anime you watched part of an episode of and disliked the subject matter. While the poll will always be subjective, this is the worst anime you watched.

Thanks for taking the time to vote. Please share the poll via social media because the more people who vote, the more reflective of the community the results will be.

Thanks for reading.

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20 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Anime of Spring 2018 – Have Your Say

    1. No. You didn’t miss it. I did. Sorry. I thought I’d been careful to check but there’s always going to be some titles I forget when I put the poll together.

        1. I think that’s probably why I forgot it. I purposefully ignored it every week so I wasn’t tempted to go back and try to watch it. Dragons are always tempting even when the story is trash and so I kept just blocking it out every time I considered watching it again.

    1. Sometimes watching bad shows can be fun though. I think I’m having more fun discussing Record of Grancrest War this season than most of the other shows just because it isn’t very good.

      1. I tend to watch BAD shows, the ones where the quality is so far down that it ends up on the other side of the globe and evens out to being good. Eromanga Sensei, and Hand Shakers are examples of such!

        I just don’t have time these days, with college unfortunately, so my trash treasures will have to wait 🙁

  1. Man this is much harder than last season, I had 4 picks that I could easily call best of the season! But then again I am watching a lot more seasonal stuff than last season so that’s probably why…

    1. I think this season doesn’t have a lot of stand outs. There’s plenty of stuff that is fun and okay and there’s plenty of stuff that’s pretty ordinary to dreadful, but there are very few titles that it would break my heart to see disappear.

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