The Best and Worst Anime of Autumn 2017 – Have Your Say


I know it is early this time around, but I’m opening this poll until the end of December to give everyone a chance to see it and to vote. You can choose up to three series in both the best of and worst of the season polls. After I get the result of this, I am going to take the three best shows (as voted by the readers) from each season to poll the reader’s choice for best of the year so that’s kind of why I’m opening this early and cutting it off at the end of December because otherwise it will be March before I get around to best of the year.

So here we go for best of Autumn 2017. I have tried to include a lot of titles, even ones I am not watching, but you do have the option to write your own title in if I’ve left something amazing off the list. Remember, this is not for technical best animation or any other objective measure. It is just the show (or shows) you liked the most and had the most fun watching this season.

For the worst of Autumn 2017 it is much the same. In case you are new to one of these polls, I ask that you don’t just vote for something because you hated episode 1. This is the worst show you actually sat through and watched this season. The bottom of your watch list. So the show that wins won’t be the actual worst show, it will be a show good enough to string you along, but not actually ever good to watch.

And that is it. I’ll try to remember to repost these at least once each week to remind people to vote but if you can share the link that would really help as well. The more people who vote, the more chance of this poll having even a little tiny bit of validity. The Summer vote was the best yet in terms of numbers, so lets see if we can engage more anime fans and really get an idea of what they think the best anime this season was.

Thanks for reading.

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21 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Anime of Autumn 2017 – Have Your Say

  1. It’s going to be interesting to see what the results are for this because there were some really good anime and from what I saw, some terrible ones. Lucky for me, I’m only watching one that I can class as terrible :’)

  2. Personally if I did a poll I would have second seasons and left over anime in their own categories. I feel like sometimes they don’t get to let the new anime shine as much! But of course I still voted lol

    1. I think if I was more serious about it I might have categories, but to be honest this is just a find out what people liked kind of poll which is why the only criteria for best anime is your personal enjoyment. But yeah, sequels and the like do tend to do very well compared to original anime due to already having a fan base. Still, if that’s what people enjoyed watching that’s what they’ll vote for.

    1. There have been some great anime to watch this season. Good way to end the year really. I’m looking forward to seeing what people vote for because there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner before the vote opens this time as lots of people like quite a few different things this season.

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