The Beginning of the Journey For The Cat and The Writer

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My Roommate is a Cat Episode 3 Review

It seems weird to say the journey is beginning when we’re at episode 3 but it feels right now like the emotional connection between the characters has finally been established and they are both ready to maybe let the other one be more than just an occupant in the house they happen to share. My Roommate is a Cat has done an excellent job at making Subaru’s character feel emotionally cut off from others to the point where he genuinely felt no need to form connections. For some viewers that made Subaru an unsympathetic character or they felt he was a bit of a jerk, however for me I saw him as an introverted character who probably already tended to be emotionally cut-off and then after the death of his parents just became adrift from others until he had lost sight of any path back.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 3 Subaru

More importantly, I kind of got Subaru because while I might not be the extreme introvert he seems to be at times when people in my life try and ‘help me’ by dragging me out of my comfort zone the end result usually isn’t good. Mostly because I was perfectly happy in the first place and my comfort zone is just that, comfy. So seeing Subaru not play nice in episode one when dragged out by his editor was something I enjoyed, and this episode reinforced the fact that Subaru’s editor really doesn’t get it.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 3 Editor

Neither does Subaru mind you, but while everyone will be quick to point out Subaru isn’t picking up on social cues, an editor that invades his writer’s house on a daily basis in order to see his cat is pretty inept at reading the situation. And if he isn’t inept, he’s pushy and intrusive and neither one of those seems like a better option.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 3 Subaru's parents

But what really sells episode 3 as a beginning is that we finally see the backstory on the death of the parents and we also see Haru and Subaru make a genuine emotional connection. The flashback establishes that Subaru was indeed a fairly anti-social child, but he did have some connections, mostly through his mother who continued to try to draw him out (though never pushed him). Finding the album in this episode and Subaru realising just how much effort his mother went to for him was a really great moment and for the first time we see Subaru really get in touch with the loss of his parents.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 3 Subaru stares at Haru

Haru for the most part does behave pretty inexplicably in this episode until we see the cat’s perspective. Previously this gimmick of retelling events from the cat’s point of view has been cute but relatively unnecessary, but here it confirmed a suspicion you will have about the motive for the cat’s antics and adds further emotional weight to the finding of the album.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 3 Subaru and Haru

So with the story started in episode one, of the writer who lost his parents young, now kind of resolved with him feeling their loss and accepting what happened and that it is too late to fix things now, we now have a clean slate and a story of a writer who adopted a cat and the two have found in each other something they need. I’m really enjoying this because it is just easy to watch and I really do like Subaru’s character and the cat gets cuter every episode. Hopefully it continues to be an enjoyable and emotional story until the end though with the parents part kind of resolved they are really going to have to switch the focus to Subaru’s development from this point or introduce a new character for this to not end up feeling stale.

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3 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Journey For The Cat and The Writer

  1. I liked this episode. Haru still makes me laugh and I enjoy the reveals behind his/her crazy actions that are actually well intentioned. Sleeper series of the season for me so far! 🙂

    1. This episode the cat’s perspective really did add something for me and I really enjoyed it. I’ve had fun with the show so far and episode three convinced me it was a keeper.

  2. Antisocial and introverted are two different critters. Introverts (like me) draw their strength from being alone. Being social wears us down so we need our alone time to spool back up. Too much social and we get frazzled. My wife goes to a party and while she is flitting around, I’m going for long walks or hiding in the quietest, darkest corner trying not to be noticed.

    “Antisocial” is actually a recognized personality disorder (Antisocial personality disorder) related to sociopathy. These people lack any empathy as see others as tools and objects.

    Our hero is clearly an introvert. He is also experiencing depression, which also saps any desire to reach out. And just maybe sometime in the past, he reached out and the result was too painful to risk repeating.

    Did you know that owning a pet or playing with a therapy animal is the single most effective way to combat depression? And in a survey of thousands of patients, none of them reported any adverse reaction from living with animals. That is better than even one on one therapy. My prognosis for Subaru is very good.

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