The Battleground of Love Advice, Volleyball and Umbrellas

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Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 5 Review

This episode of Kaguya-Sama Love is War was definitely being dominated by a certain Fujiwara. While the first segment focused initially on Shinomiya giving love advice, Fujiwara swiftly stole the show right out from under her. The same thing happened in segment two with Shirogane and the third segment was lame to begin with so I was kind of happy when Fujiwara put a premature ending to the foolishness.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 5 Fujiwara Best Girl
Definitely best girl.

It is odd for a support character to be so much more interesting and charismatic but thinking back Fujiwara has been the saving grace of many a plot in this anime so far and so episode 5 seemed to put all her charm on full display. She’s so energetic and charming. She also seems incredibly air-headed but pulls out some amazing insight and sometimes it is hard to know if she is stumbling over Shinomiya’s and Shirogane’s plots by accident or if she’s actually just messing with them.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 5 Shinomiya

I did actually like the first two segments. The absence of direct head-to-head between Shinomiya and Shirogane did both their characters some good. Shinomiya out of her depth and trying to give love advice, to the partner of the guy Shirogane gave advice to, was a nice bit of closure on that storyline to know that the two did end up dating but it wasn’t smooth sailing. Plus this one earned a genuine laugh when Fujiwara admitted she was out of breath because she’d overheard the start of the conversation and gone running to the drama room for a costume.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 5 Shirogane

The second story actually did Shirogane some favours by having him having to learn a physical skill and having Fujiwara teaching him. The over-exaggeration of just how bad he was, hitting himself in the head while trying to serve a volleyball, was kind of fun and seeing him actually improve was lovely (though I think they pushed that a little far given his domination by the time he had to play in class).

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 5 Fujiwara

So a fairly pleasant first couple of stories. The final story however did pit Shinomiya and Shirogane head-to-head again over who would admit they had an umbrella and invite the other to share it on the walk home. It was incredibly contrived and pretty bland and as I said in the beginning, Fujiwara handing them an umbrella and ending the drama was probable the best thing that could have happened as an outcome.

This anime is still incredibly hit and miss for me, but there are moments that are genuinely enjoyable and I am really coming to appreciate Fujiwara at least, so hopefully this will continue to have more pleasant than unpleasant moments at least.

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8 thoughts on “The Battleground of Love Advice, Volleyball and Umbrellas

  1. It is really hit or miss and Fujiwara really saves the show from becoming super repetitive. I can see it getting so old. Since I tend to get annoyed when the characters don’t get together after misunderstandings that just keep happening over and over.

    1. I get what you means. It is like someone took one idea out of most rom-coms and decided to repeat it over and over again with different scenarios but the same characters and so far neither Shinomiya nor Shirogane has been interesting enough to carry that on their own. Fujiwara on the other hand is a fantastic supporting character and manages to elevate the situation just by being in it.

  2. The author has actually said that he sees the manga as having three main characters, Shinomiya, Shirogane and Fujiwara

    1. I’m not really surprised though given it is a comedy and given the set up didn’t do much for me. I appreciate how nicely put together this anime is but it really just isn’t for me.

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