The Asterisk War Episode 23


This episode has finally really nailed what I hate about Julis’ character and her relationship with Ayato.

When older brother suggests marriage between Ayato and Julis:


This is Julis’ very sensible reaction:


Because of course suggesting someone who clearly cares about you might want to marry you must be a sick joke. While there have been moments in this show that I have very thoroughly enjoyed (hence why I’m still watching at the end of season 2), Julis and her character are not one of the things I enjoy and this episode is all about Julis (despite the fact that once again she gets taken out of combat so that Ayato can do his thing).

So, no I did not like this episode but it does seem to be advancing the plot nicely from last episode, if by advancing the plot we mean setting up a completely new conflict without resolving any of the previous ones and ensuring there is no chance of actual resolution at the end of the season.

The Asterisk War is available on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab.


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