The Asterisk War Episode 22


So we’re not going to deal with the sister, Flora’s kidnapping, or anything pertaining to the entire last two seasons. Instead we’re going to take a roadtrip (flight) to Julis’ brother’s castle and go to a party.

In Ayato’s words, “How’d we end up like this?”

Which just illustrates how incredibly dense he is. Ayato, you just won some amazing Festa with the Princess of a country as your partner. Of course you are going to have to go there and have a parade and a party and a vague threat of an interrogation by the brother that doesn’t come to fruition.

Also, be invited to join a team for a new Festa (even as we don’t resolve any issues from the previous one) and then get attacked because a rumour of you joining the team has spread before you’ve even agreed.

Wow, this show is making no effort to provide any resolution and I just don’t know that I can keep going with it if it is going to run forever. Ayato and Julis are just not that interesting.

Once again, blown my 100 words so moving on to Saya – I love her ‘burst’ and ‘kaboom’ comments when firing her weapons. So cute.

The Asterisk War is available on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. AnimeLab is a little behind.

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