The Asterisk War Episode 21


How do you make a grand-final match kind of dull? Just deliver more of exactly the same. A sword transformation aside this last fight was pretty ordinary and ‘injuring’ Julis so she couldn’t take part in the final exchange was just kind of lame. Not to mention, police investigation or not, in a team sport why would they award just one part of the team the trophy without their partner? During the whole award ceremony I just kept thinking why is no one concerned that Julis isn’t there or even mentioning her? It’s like Ayato won the whole thing on his own, which if you look back is probably a little truer than it should be.

So with that wrapped up, things are fine now, right? Except for all the behind the scenes dealings and betrayals that never get explained and keep getting put on the back burner. Maybe something will finally come of these now.

This episode is watchable and you finally get some resolution to this competition but that’s all its going to give you.

The Asterisk War is available on Crunchyroll.

6 thoughts on “The Asterisk War Episode 21

  1. After reading this review, makes me kind of glad I dropped this anime in the early episodes. It was just way too Ayato focused. Good post 😀

    1. Yeah, the Ayato focus has been there, but this really just felt wrong cutting Julis out entirely. Then the conversation after where they talk about how they couldn’t have done it wihtout the other just becomes a little bit of a joke.

    1. Saya and Karin at least showed us something new and made us realy want them to win. Ayato and Julis just gave us more of the same.

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