The Asterisk War Episode 20


Continuing from last week, Saya and Kirin execute their rescue of Flora, meanwhile Ayato and Julis push their opponents into a merge but then get seriously stumped by overwhelming power. It all seems like it is over, except their our main characters and they haven’t managed to lose yet, and then the student council president announces that Flora is safe. That’s a game changer and they are ready to charge, but the episode is over.

For all that looking back it seems like nothing other than yet another duel occurred, I was so caught up this week I didn’t even realise we were that close to the end of the episode until it came. There’s nothing here for anyone new to the series, in fact most of it will be incomprehensible if you haven’t been following along, but for those who have stuck it out, this episode sits nicely.

The Asterisk War is available on Crunchyroll.

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