The Asterisk War Episode 17


I’m not going to recap the entire first season (mostly because there are probably some finer plot points I’ve forgotten in the interim) but suffice to say we have a whole bunch of schools where students are trained to fight one another for various reasons (none of which seem like they should be able to be resolved by winning in combat). If you’ve never watched an episode, don’t quit in episode 1. It’s a train wreck and I initially quit and walked away only to be talked back into it later. After the cliché ridden drivel of the first episode, a half-decent story emerges with characters that are cute but also pretty cliché. Basically if you like swords, magic guns, and lots of duels, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Review of Episode 17:

Episode seventeen makes up for a lot of the last three episodes. Yes, it still spends half the episode in a duel, but this one is a bit different and we’re not watching our main duo do exactly what they’ve done for episode after episode. Our main duo are reasonably side-lined until midway through this episode and tragically that makes it better. That said, once the duel was over, Asterisk finally shoves the plot into gear for the first time in many episodes. This is promising for future episodes and hopefully a good sign of things to come.

The Asterisk War is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

4 thoughts on “The Asterisk War Episode 17

  1. Oh you are so right in the fact that this series is so cliched, bland characters. I’m doing episodic review on this, and faulted on episode 4 – 1st season. Haven’t done any other reviews on it, nor continued to watch it. I guess I better finish it from start to end. And I thought absolute duo was bad, but this…idk.

    Oh do you have twitter Karandi??. I can introduce to some of the crazii peeps on there, who also blog xDD. It can help your blog out and stuff xDD.

    1. I’ve set up a twitter but not really using it yet. When I’m ready (time-wise) to go there, I may take you up on that.

      1. Whenever you’re ready, jump aboard the crazii twitter train. The bunch I know are crazy in their own way, but nice peeps xDD.

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