10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 7 – The Anime Boy You Would Want At A Party

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Ultimately this, who is the anime boy you would want at a party, was a pretty silly question to ask myself given how unlikely I am to want to be at most parties… Oh well. That said, if I had to be at a party, spending time with one of these male anime characters that have come up over the past 7 days would probably liven it up a whole lot.

The Anime Boy You Would Want At A Party

Dakaichi Episode 13 Takato
Is he the anime boy you would want at a party?

Takato Saijo

Alright, I get from watching Dakaichi that he’s taken, however Takato Saijo is a celebrity, incredibly good looking, and will put that annoying jerk who is hassling other guests in their place if he needs to even if it means distancing himself from others. He’s exactly the guy I would like to see at a party even if I’m just admiring from a distance.

dakaretai promo3

Reason One: I’m going to be super shallow and just go with eye-candy.

While not a deep or compelling reason, honestly Takato is a beautiful person and one that I am happy to show my appreciation of. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘neck-beard’ thing in the character designs (I’m blaming Arthifis for me continuing to call it that) but otherwise I love his character design and he’s also a slightly older character which makes the whole thing a little less awkward.

I think I would happily go to a party, get a plate of some fancy cheeses and breads, find a spot on a balcony or staircase overlooking the main floor of the room, and just watch Takato work the crowd.

Dakaichi - Episode 1 - Takato

Reason Two: Endless confidence.

Maybe it goes with the celebrity status but Takato is an incredibly confident person. In his every gesture and facial expression (at least when in the public eye) he is poised and controlled (what happens out of the public eye is a bit of a different story). He is the kind of person who commands attention in a room and can change the mood in an instant. Yeah, he’s definitely on the guest list for a party.

Dakaichi Episode 5 - Takato

Reason Three: Given past experience, we have no idea what he’ll get up to if he has too much to drink.

Again, not a great reason by any means, but the uncertainty about how he’ll transform as the night wears on and he gets a few drinks in actually makes me super curious. Fortunately for Takato it is likely that is he rocks up at the party we’re also going to see an appearance from Junta and he’ll probably take Takato home before things get too out of hand.

Okay, the obligatory Takato gallery is coming but before that I’m going to ask my readers which male anime character you would invite to a party and why?

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4 thoughts on “10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 7 – The Anime Boy You Would Want At A Party

  1. Great post. In spite of a friend who maintains that it isn’t a party until I show up, I am actually not much of a party person. The boy I want to take with me is Domeki, from XXXholic. He’s quiet, strong, capable, and calm. I can be a bit mouthy after a few drinks, and Domeki can both defend me if need be, or step into the middle of a fight and stop it, or simply hustle me out the door before I start too much trouble, in a calm but firm manner. Kinda like my RL DH (It all depends on if he is enjoying the fight or thinks he better get me out before I get myself – or him – killed)

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