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This is a really silly way to release a show given part 1 came out way back in September last year, but hey, whatever. It just means you have to rewatch the first part to remind yourself what had happened before you can get into this. I still have no familiarity with the source material so I’m probably missing a lot from this story but that doesn’t seem to ruin the enjoyment. The mix of fantasy and reality is just kind of perfect and the story, while fairly tragic, is predictable but moving. It all works in a very mundane way with pretty visuals to glide over the slower moments.


Of course the story delivered in this part is pretty ordinary when you think about it. She’s given some basic rules for visiting the library and ultimately fails to follow them. Though, part of the blame definitely falls on the librarian given he explained nothing and all things considered I guess we’re not going to be given an explanation now. It’s one thing to have the story from Chise’s point of view and she is ignorant of the world of magic, but they are keeping the audience almost totally in the dark as to why anything is occurring which means events seem fairly random.


As I said at the beginning though, this is still a really enjoyable watch. It’s relaxing and slow and visually appealing and the characters are interesting even if not well explained.

It was absolutely ages ago but I previously did review part 1 of this. Really glad that a full season has been announced given how interesting the world is in this story.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “The Ancient Magus’ Bride Part 2

  1. I’ve seen the anime episodes that are out and I’ve been reading the manga, and I think the anime adaption is doing pretty well! Aside from that weird release schedule and such. The manga sometimes has those moments where things are happening but they feel pretty ordinary and simple, but it’s usually well executed so it’s not that bad. That definitely carries over into the anime. If anything, it’s very pretty and subdued, for a fantasy anime. I just rambled a bit, sorry! I’m glad you enjoyed the anime though.

  2. I agree everything seems to go unexplained but it’s still such a joy to watch and is very cinematic. I really hope this anime does well and eventually brings all the missing pieces together.

    1. Me too. While I enjoyed this small story in parts 1 + 2, looking forward to 3, I really think a whole series with this character would be truly delightful so really looking forward to that.

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