That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 2: So I Ate A Dragon and Snake and a Bat Type Thing…

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I’m just not convinced by That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime yet. Sure the tsundere dragon was good for a few laughs but then the slime just went through one patch of cave after another that all looked much the same and more or less one shot monster after monster devouring them and getting even stronger skills and abilities. There’s no sense of struggle or effort or even care as this sequence kind of stretches on. I guess if you find the slime, now named Rimuru, super adorable as he goes about his daily wanderings, you might find this sequence endearing but mostly I just kind of wanted him to meet a nastier monster, or to fall into some sort of cavern, or literally just anything to happen to shake up the plot.

Slime gives the dragon a name.

Fortunately, our slime eventually finds a door. And just as he is wondering how to open the door, three humans do it for him. I’d call plot convenience but to be perfectly frank I’d rather the story moved itself along, plus given the humans were apparently freaked out by the disappearance of the dragon it kind of makes sense someone would go to the cave to investigate so while the timing might seem very coincidental, it is hardly the worst plot contrivance I’ve come across even this week so let’s go with it and move into the outside world.

Eating a dragon
I will admit though, I didn’t anticipate the slime eating the tsundere dragon.

Maybe it was planned, but having spent so long during the first and second episode in that very blue cave, going into the outside world and seeing the trees and the birds and everything, it wasn’t just the slime being happy to see it. It was a veritable feast for the eyes and the moment this episode where I kind of switched on to this show a lot more than I had during the first half.

Goblins confront the slime
Finally, a screen shot that isn’t blue.

The meeting with the goblins and hearing the wolves is all pretty standard fantasy stuff, but it works and now that we’ve got characters who can potentially be at risk the stakes have gone up a bit as has my overall investment. While I’m still not jumping onto the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime bandwagon, the second half of this episode definitely helped me want to go onto the third episode because earlier in this episode that seemed to be in doubt.

6 thoughts on “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 2: So I Ate A Dragon and Snake and a Bat Type Thing…

  1. I’ve only seen the first ep, but I like this show so far. Its kinda like Saga of Tanya the Evil.

    1. Lots of people seem to like it so far which makes me wonder what I’m missing because I’m watching and a for a lot of this episode I’m just wondering ‘and?’ as they meander about. I’m hoping now that we’re out of the cave things might pick up or maybe I’ll have to admit this story just isn’t really working for me despite the fact that on paper it really should.

      1. Slime Isekai stories are an entire genre on Amazon Kindle Unlimited books. Also, Isekai Dungeons are a related genre. They’re a chance to show off how maniac characters who endlessly grind in a video game can eventually become powerful due to that grinding. Its about leverage, and appeals to people with OCD. Also, because the slime is a weakest monster in fantasy video games, its starting off at absolute bottom. There’s been a few anime about video game characters who tragically weak and suffer because of that. This is like the funny response to that? I’ve only seen the first ep but that’s what it seems to be about. They’ll probably leverage the power of friendship, and Great Sage power implies he’ll be able to give good advice, thus getting a position of honor for that.

        1. Mmm, don’t worry, he won’t be hopelessly weak. There will be quite the amount of action
          *spoilers* He? or is it she? whatever. Rimuru will have a humanoid form, from when Rimuru swallows a dying friend. She, the person’s consciousness stays within Rimuru and helps Rimuru later on during a betrayal? and Veldora will come out of Rimuru’s err, skill and help during a war. Also, first? action starts when Rimuru fights an Orc King -I think? It’s bee so long since I read that part.

          1. *been* And also, another *spoiler*, it is largely about friendship too, along with some betrayals. Rimuru doesn’t really suffer as much as some othe protagonist in other Isekai stories, he suffers more than some, insanely op and usually arrogant characters. The MC gets more and more powerful later on, but still almost dies after that.

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