A Huge Thank-You To April’s Blog Sponsors

Blog sponsorship and donation

For those who missed the April blog sponsor drive, largely this was an idea that cam about because I didn’t really want to continue with Patreon’s model of ongoing payments but I also needed to find a way to help keep the blog going and hopefully in the future growing.

Blog sponsors

I set a target of $200 for April with the intention of running a second blog sponsor drive in September and was incredibly thankful when I actually hit that target with a huge thanks to the following blog sponsors (as well as those who ultimately chose not to have a badge).

April 2021 Blog Sponsors

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The money raised in April went toward offsetting some of the cost of renewing my WordPress Plan mid-year and was a hugely appreciated help in keeping the blog running along. I’ll also say that for those who chose a series for me to review, it has been interesting given I’m committing to review something that might turn out amazing or not but either way I’m not walking away from it.

It actually made me feel like I was taking reviewing seriously rather than just watching whatever caught my fancy. More than that, I found myself actively looking for different aspects of the shows to write about each week and I think the last six months has seen my episode review writing get better. Less a reaction and more focused on trying to review or analyse particular parts of the shows.

This wasn’t an intended outcome of this process but I think I really liked it. None of my blog sponsors put any pressure on me but I found myself wanting to write a slightly longer episode review or have a closer look at a different part of the anime because I wanted to do better. And that can only be better for the blog in the long run.

Excited that blog sponsorship has improved writing.

That said, the April blog sponsor drive was only a first step and the September blog sponsor drive will open soon looking for sponsors for existing posts as well as for series coming out in the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 seasons.


As always I want to thank you, my readers. The content on the blog exists for you and I love hearing your voices in the comments.

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.
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