Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 10 – I’m Going to Miss the Tiger


Review (some spoilers):

As Tiger echoes my thoughts about little interest in a make-believe war (where the context and stakes are still so incredibly vague there’s genuinely no reason for the audience to care) I have to admit this episode was one of the better ones this show has delivered. Part of that comes courtesy of one of the few characters I have kind of cared about being the focus with Tiger finally getting to explain their issue with Ox. The fact that it is one of those ridiculous fake outs and she actually likes the guy (or respects him or something) and he forgot her which is why she’s annoyed, doesn’t make the episode less fun to watch, though it did kind of highlight that Ox is an incredibly boring character.


Anyway, Rabbit is dead but not in the way that so many characters in this show have been, though my question is how does dead rabbit get controlled given the Rabbit is dead? That’s enough to do my head in and even if you were to argue that Rabbit’s dead brain could still function as the control centre, the body was still clearly moving after the brain got cleaved in two by Ox so now I’m just confused. If the bodies can move without being controlled, was Rabbit actually doing anything at all earlier?


Dead Rabbit’s contribution was to effectively cut the final contestants down to Ox and Rat (who is still missing mind you), though I suspect Ox is going to have something to say to Rabbit before we get to a final show down. So, is there any room left for a twist given the characters have maintained strict Zodiac order for their death leaving the two we could have picked back at the start alive? Well, Rabbit might take out Ox or maybe Rat will just stay in hiding or maybe they will bother to have the guys placing bets take some sort of action, but pretty much I’m expecting little from this show. We did however get some fairly pretty reflections in this episode from convenient rain that only seemed to hit the characters when it suited the plot for it to happen.


But I did enjoy this more than some other episodes. I guess we’ll find out who the final match will be between next week. Keeping in mind we still haven’t had the Rabbit’s back story which is definitely breaking the pattern.

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6 thoughts on “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 10 – I’m Going to Miss the Tiger

  1. There’s been some speculation that the Rabbit we saw isn’t the real Rabbit. I’m hoping that’s the case, since a dead person controlling a dead body seems confusing. What I’d like to know is if Rabbit is indeed dead and now a zombie, then does this mean Monkey is still out there looking for Rat?

      1. Would that actually count sending a zombie instead of a warrior? Though it isn’t as though anyone actually vetted the people who showed up.

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