Tesla Note Episode 5 – The Pursuit of the Divine (and Terrible Villain Motives)

Tesla Note Episode 5 Review

I’m not even going to discuss the visuals of Tesla Note anymore (at least until the final review). It’s ugly. Moving on.

Episode 5 of Tesla Note picks up right from episode 4 in the mafia mansion with the second-in-command going lightning happy as he declares himself a god. I’m not entirely sure that anyone is taking him really seriously even though he’s deflecting bullets because even as Botan leads his target out of the mansion she stops to confirm she was right about his motive all along.

Tesla Note Episode 5

And his motive is pretty lame considering the chaos he is causing and the fact that he feels he was given a divine power. Surely those with divine power should be doing more than just sticking it to their boss. Anyway, apparently he’s discontent because the gangster he’s idolised has become a business man and isn’t in to breaking arms anymore. It’s a little pathetic and honestly even if he killed everyone with the shard I’m still not sure what he would do next because he really doesn’t seem to have any kind of plan other than kiss his boss.

Tesla Note has really struggled with creating credible threats for our team to face off against.

Actually, the biggest threat in this episode is the CIA agents who are also still after the shard and aren’t against under-handed methods to get what they want. They talk down to the Japanese team and have even bugged them. In the usual we-know-but-you-don’t-know hijinks the Japanese team uses that against the CIA but honestly these two teams would probably accomplish a lot together and instead they do keep interfering with each other which is probably why the gangster had gotten away in the first place after the mansion.

Tesla Note Episode 5

For the Japanese team, or the amateur spies, you have to wonder at times if that is actually a pretty accurate description. Given Botan gets close enough to the perpetrator for him to stun her using a stun gun and then kidnaps her. That seems like a pretty rookie mistake. Follow that up with Kuruma chasing the car on foot which is just kind of silly. Tesla Note sometimes makes Botan and the team seem really competent and in the next breath they feel like they are just falling all over themselves.

Then again, the villain ties Botan up, engages in small talk with her even when it is clear she’s fishing for information and even feeds her sliced apple. It all seemed a bit weird. Particularly since Botan’s attempts to get him to talk were so incredible obvious.

Tesla Note Episode 5

However, by the end of this episode of Tesla Note, we’ve had a full on show-down on the top of a tower under construction involving a team of spies, two CIA agents, and a lightning wielding mad-man and it is hard to say that it disappointed.

Sure there’s some usual spy ridiculousness with characters wearing watches that apparently keep lightning away from them and that usual sequence where a sniper is set up to take a shot but then someone else jumps into the path of the bullet. But there’s also some great lightning strikes and some fun with moving around metal pipes and hurling them at people (and just how did the shard wielding villain miss when they are on top of a tower with limited dodging options).

Tesla Note Episode 5

The show-down is just kind of fun. All of our characters bring their best to the party and we wrap up the case of this particular shard by the end of episode 5.

Then of course Tesla Note has to give us a final cliff-hanging moment to lead us into episode 6. I’m not all that worried for the safety of these characters at this point given it seems they’ll always get a last minute save so I’m not really that concerned that I have to wait a week to find out what happens next. Still, as Tesla Note continues its story I do find there’s enough to appreciate here from the spy antics even if there’s quite a few things lacking in this anime.

Images from: Tesla Note. Dir. M Fukuda. Gambit. 2021

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